Woman Cries Over Missing Ex-Commissioner’s Husband

Christian Madubuko straightnews
Christian Madubuko

The wife of Dr Christian Madubuko, a commissioner who resigned from Anambra State last month, has called for help in finding her missing husband.

Madubuko, a Canadian-trained Nigerian was first appointed as Commissioner for Industry, Trade and Commerce, the Commissioner for Road, Rail and Water Transportation and finally as Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, Indigenous Artworks, Culture and Tourism.

He was said to have had a running battle with a fellow Commissioner, Mr Uche Okafor of the transport ministry, a battle which many believed he was bound to lose as Okafor was related to the wife of the governor, believed to be in charge of the state.

He resigned on December 31, 2020 but went missing on January 13, 2021, and since then, efforts to get information concerning his whereabouts have proved to be futile.

In a viral video, Chioma Madubuko, wife of the missing Commissioner, said she found out on social media that her husband was “kidnapped”.

She said she has made calls to “the government” and to “people in Anambra state”, yet no one has given her any reasonable answer neither has she seen efforts being made to find her husband.

She called on Nigerians to help her as she’s at her wits end and her children are already asking for their father.

Recalled that in his resignation letter to Governor Willie Obiano on, he wrote ”My dear colleagues, l wish to officially notify you of my resignation. I have on the 11th of December 2020 resigned my position as Commissioner. It is my pleasure to thank all of you for the time we spent together in the service of our state. Indeed, it was a three years of action-packed lessons both positive and negative.

”I must sincerely thank the Governor for the opportunity to serve. When l was appointed Commissioner in 2018, the Governor directed me to block all revenue leakages.

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”That l did without looking at faces. In the cause of fighting corrupt individuals holding the State revenue on the throat, all manners of frivolous petitions against me were written to the Governor accusing me of several misdeeds particularly destabilising our party, APGA and advising the Governor to remove me before l do more harm to the party.

”In several occasions, agents of darkness tried bribing me with millions of the naira. I arrested these criminals which were also applauded by the Governor at the exco meetings. Within this three years, l have been redeployed to three key ministries in the State as Commissioner. First, was as Commissioner for Industry, Trade and Commerce.’’