Wealth Inequality: 70m Americans Face Eviction, Unemployment

Unemployed Americans straightnews
Unemployed Americans

Despite acquisition of wealth by a few, more than 70 million Americans are facing homelessness; Particularly  people  in the United States of America appeared to be facing eviction, and unemployment.

Also, about 180,000 people in US have died from COVID-19.

From a Twitter (@Public_Citizen), Public Citizen decried “Wealth inequality is a death sentence, Public Citizen.”

The citizen tweeted Saturday “Jeff Bezos is now worth $200,000,000,000+

“His wealth has grown by $92,000,000,000 during the pandemic alone.”

Forbes ranked Bezos as one of the richest persons in the world.

According to Public Citizen “Meanwhile, in America:  — 40,000,000 are facing eviction; — 30,000,000 workers are on unemployment and — 180,000 have died from COVID.”