Varsity Don Canvasses Improved Remuneration For Nigerian Journalists

Nsikak Idiong straightnews
Nsikak Idiong

A University lecturer has drummed support for better remuneration to journalists, noting that a responsible press could not be attained until journalists are properly remunerated.

Nsikak Solomon Idiong, a senior lecturer in the Department of Communication Arts, University of Uyo, said “Consequently, there is need for government to improve the remuneration package of journalists in its employ as well as sponsor their training and retraining as being done today.

Presenting a paper entitled: Towards Symbiosis: Reflections on Government/Media Relations In Nigeria, Idiong explained that “Such initiatives will, one hopes, motivate private employers to also enhance the welfare and skill set of their journalists.

“Journalism is not only one of the most hazardous jobs in the world; it is also one of the most vicissitudinous ‘now admired and applauded, now criticized and disparaged. A society that values its doctors and engineers should also value its reporters and newspapers, especially since they labour daily to keep open the sphere of public and civic interaction.”

Idiong speaking at NUJ Press Centre, Information Drive, Uyo on Friday hailed the liaison between the government and the media as one of the society’s most important relations.

“Much hinges on it: the health of democracy, the well-being of the populace, the understanding and rapprochement between elected officials and those who may become disgruntled as a result of policy decisions and governmental practices, the nation’s prosperity and indeed the entire social balance that prevents chaos and makes productive activity possible.

“Whoever trifles with that balance endangers not just the press and the government but the very survival of civilized society. For that reason, both government and the media are well advised to protect their symbiotic relationship and to ensure that it works for the good of society as a whole,” he concluded.