US Wildfires: 7 Die, Thousands Displaced

US WIldfires straightnews
US WIldfires

At least, seven persons died, thousands displaced and whole towns destroyed by the furious 100 wildfires that raged in the Western US states.

California, Washington state and Oregon have been the hardest hit by the blazes, fuelled by heat waves and windy conditions.

BBC NEWS reports that Oregon’s governor said this “could be the greatest loss of human life and property” to fires in state history.

Nine other states in the region are also seeing wildfires raging.

Three deaths have been blamed on the wildfires in Oregon, with another three in California and one in Washington.

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, there are 96 large fires in the western US. More than 3.4m acres have burned so far, with tens of thousands of acres burned in the last day in California, Oregon and Washington.

Oregon officials said several towns have burned down in the fires, as winds gusted to 45mph (72km/h).

The fires are blazing across Oregon’s valleys and along the coast, causing mass evacuations.

One Oregon evacuee, Jody Evans, told NewsChannel 21 about her ordeal.

“Fire on both sides, winds blowing, ash flying – it was like driving through hell,” she said.

In neighbouring Washington, Governor Jay Inslee said on Tuesday that more than double the acreage had been torched in the previous 24 hours than had been burned during all of last year in his state.