Ubi Franklin, Sandra Iheuwa Troll On Social Media

Ubi Franklin, Sandra Iheuwa straightnews
Ubi Franklin, Sandra Iheuwa

Ubi Franklin, music executive and Sandra Iheuwa, his estranged baby mama continue to troll on the social media, drawing sympathy and condemnations from their followers.

At a point, Sandra claimed to have sponsored Franklin’s trip to Dubai in December 2020 when the going was good.

She shared a video on her IG page this morning claiming she and her boyfriend sponsored Ubi’s trip to Dubai, upgraded his phone and his ticket as well as spent about 40 to 50 thousand dollars on him, accusing Ubi of cloning her card and using it to go on shopping spree.

But, the music executive countered that he got to Dubai from London and had a restriction placed on his account by his bank when he wanted to do a transaction.

He said he offered to give Sandra Naira in exchange for dollars to use while he was in Dubai but she declined. He said he was left with the option of transferring money to her account and using her own card.

The music director shared a screenshot of the over 1 million Naira he sent to Sandra which he said was for the purchase of the ticket for his first baby mama, Jennifer and daughter Zaneta, to join them in Dubai for the vacation.

At another point, Franklin’s follower goaded him to commit suicide based on the accusations.

Franklin, who opened up in 2020 that he contemplated suicide because of cyberbullying, was subjected to same again after his baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa, and his alleged girlfriend, Adesuwa Renee, got into an online fight and dragged him into it.

Meanwhile, Sandra Iheuwa has apologised to his alleged girlfriend, Renee, who she prayed to be barren.

Renee and Sandra came for each other’s wigs on Tuesday, April 20 with claims and counterclaims of character assassination. Sandra got so enraged that she went on IG live and cursed Renee, saying she will never carry a child in her womb.

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In a video she posted this morning, Sandra apologized for her outburst.

”I want to apologise to Renee. You would not be barren. You are going to have a lot of children. That came from a place of anger”she said.

Sandra in her video mentioned that she was married some years ago and share two daughters with her husband whom she divorced in 2017. She said along the line she met Ubi Franklin in May 2017 in London.

She said Ubi came to New York in August of the same year and that was when he asked her out and they officially started dating.

Sandra said in December 2017, she came to Nigeria and found out that he was lying to her. She said she tried to get out of the whole situation but found out she was already pregnant.

The drama between music executive, Ubi Franklin and his baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa, continues as she has shared screenshots of Whatsapp chats of a person she suggests is Ubi.

In the chat, the person who she claims is Ubi was telling a friend his intentions of marrying her.

According to the chat, the person who she suggests is Ubi mentioned that he was going to marry her because he really loves her as she is ”beautiful inside out.”

Recall that earlier Thursday, Ubi shared a video where he accused her of attacking his friend, Renee. According to him, he is not married to Sandra and she cannot dictate who he associates with.

Sandra says she will also be releasing an explosive video addressing the allegations leveled against her by Ubi.

The beef continues as the estranged friends are not leaving any stone unturned in knocking one another.