Tariffs’ Hike: Soyinka, Tinubu, Fr. Mbaka, Ezekwesili Under Fire For Silence

Reno Omokri straightnews
Reno Omokri

A popular Nigerian and social media critic has bashed some vocal persons and indeed Nigerians over their silence on the increasing economic hardships, tariffs’ hike, critics and other anti-people policies by the present administration.

Reno Omokri, a one-time aide to President Goodluck Jonathan in his Twitter, expressed shock at the attitude of some Nigerian politicians and clergyman- Bola Tinubu, Wole Soyinka, Adams Oshiomhole, Oby Ezewesili, and Rev. Fr. Mbaka over their silence in the face of petrol pump hike, new electricity supply increase and other infractions by the present administration in Nigeria to inflict more pains on many.

Omokri queried “Have Wole Soyinka, Father Mbaka,@ObyEzeks, Bola @AsiwajuTinubu, and Adams Oshiomhole been quarantined somewhere? Their silence over the astronomical increase of petrol to ₦162 is very loud. They were very talkative under @GEJonathan.

They campaigned for Buhari!

“If anyone had told me that General @MBuhari would increase fuel price to ₦162 and: *@ObyEzeks* Mbaka * Soyinka * Tinubu * Oshiomhole Would be silent, I would have called them a liar. Alas, those who shut down Nigeria in 2012, have today shut their mouths!”

Omokri recalled “Under @GEJonathan:

– Fuel was ₦87

– 50kg bag of rice was ₦8000

– $1 was ₦199

– Bottle of Coke was ₦60

– Peak milk was ₦80.”

According to him, “Yet, @OfficialAPCNg led Nigerians into the streets for #OccupyNaija Will you allow @MBuhari get away with ₦162 per litre for fuel? #OccupyBuhari.

Omokri said “September to remember is a motivational phrase, but in Nigeria, it brought a new phase of suffering. On September 1, NERC raised electric tariff and PPPRA raised fuel price. In a nation that is the world HQ for extreme poverty. How much more can Nigerians take?

“In the 2020 budget, General @MBuhari doubled the amount he spends on feeding. He is enjoying at your expense, yet, he wants to punish you with ₦162 fuel? They say Ghana is bad, yet Ghana paid utility bills for Ghanaians during lockdown!

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“America plans a new $2 trillion stimulus for citizens in the wake of #COVID19. Ghana’s has been paying utility bills for citizens for months. And Nigeria’s answer to COVID19 is increasing electric and fuel prices? Nigeria badly needs a new occupant in Aso Rock!”

“See what @OfficialAPCNg did to then President @GEJonathan when he increased fuel price. Yet, they have done worse. They increased our foreign debt from $9 billion to $30 billion.

Increased fuel from ₦87 to ₦162. Nigeria is now NYSC-Now Your Suffering Continues!

“General @MBuhari used activists and musicians to lie against then President @GEJonathan. Today, he has harassed the same activists and musicians he used to lie against Jonathan. So, we must stand up for ourselves. Will you keep quiet as they increase fuel to ₦162?”

He wondered “Nigeria Bureau of Statistics revealed unemployment has risen to 27.1%. Millions of Nigerians have not worked for months due to #COVID19. Yet, General @MBuhariincreased fuel to ₦162 and electric by 100%. If it happened in Mali, youths wont be watching #BBNaija!

“General @MBuhari’s ineptitude took Nigeria from the world’s 3rd fastest growing economy in 2015, to the world headquarters for extreme poverty now. Buhari is a plague, a cancer, a cankerworm & a disaster that should never befall Nigeria or any other nation again,” the critic noted.

“In 2015, Bola @AsiwajuTinubu said ‘even if @MBuhari has NEPA certificate we will stilll vote for him’. Now, Nigerians are seeing the effect. Buhari budgeted $500 million to digitalise NTA. Now he has increased fuel to ₦162. He does not know how to manage money!

“According to former @MBuhari insider, @farooqkperogi, Buhari’s nephew, Sabiu, who used to sell recharge cards in Daura, is now a Trillionaire (not billionaire, trillionaire). Buhari should save money by fighting corruption in his house, not by increasing fuel price

“In 2015, General @MBuhari lied that he would sell our Presidential jets. This is his 5th year and he has not sold s single plane. Instead, his children use Presidential jets to attend private functions! Imagine what would happen if @GEJJonathan had done that!

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“Buhari’s wife flew to Dubai during lockdown with Presidential jet Buhari’s daughter flew to a private Durbar in our Presidential jet Buhari has 10 Presidential jets, with a large crew. If he wants money, let him sell 9 of them, instead of increasing fuel price!”