Side Effects Of Green Tea


By Alex Kabir

Today, green tea is way more popular than ever. Hollywood stars, models, politicians, business people and ordinary employees begin to drink it in vast quantities, without thinking whether green tea has any side effects or not? Let’s see if it is so good for health and what restrictions could help you to avoid health problems.

What is green tea?

Green tea, as well as other types of tea, is obtained from a tea bush (tea or camellia Chinese). Under the name “camellia Chinese,” one can draw the correct conclusion that for the first time the tea bush was cultivated in China.

Side Effects of green tea

The tea is useful for the prevention of many diseases and helps to alleviate the symptoms already present. But is it really good? Are there any contraindications to green tea drinking? Or maybe situations in which green tea will harm our health?

Excessive consumption of green tea

The well-known rule “Everything is good in moderation!” works here. Like any medicine in excessive doses can become poison, and green tea in excessive amounts can be harmful. Five to six cups a day is not too strong brewed tea – it is enough for an adult who does not have contraindications.

But excessive consumption of green tea can lead to the nervous system damage. In this case, the harm of green tea is “obvious”: a person feels a breakdown, pressure can jump, and a headache can begin. With the excessive use of green tea, there may even be “tea intoxication,” the symptoms of which are dizziness and nausea. If this happens, you can drink some sweet water or eat a couple of fresh fruits.

Consumption of green tea with alcohol

The use of green tea and alcohol can simultaneously cause severe damage. This was known long ago even in ancient China. One of the books of that time says: “Tea after wine harms the kidneys, the loins and thighs become heavy, the bladder grows cold and aching, and also, sputum accumulates, and swelling develops from the liquid.” The thing is that using green tea and alcohol; toxic substances are formed by the kidneys. So after a wild party, it’s better to exclude the use of green tea.

Harm of green tea on an empty stomach

The damage of green tea on an empty stomach can be significant: the tea irritates the gastric mucosa, which can lead to severe problems – the development of gastritis or ulcers. Green tea is also not recommended to drink directly before meals, as it can reduce digestion of the protein by the digestive organs. Also, green tea envelops the walls of the stomach and causes thinning of saliva, which makes food seem tasteless.

Poor quality tea

To determine the quality of tea by eye is quite tricky, you can orientate by color (the lighter, better) or by smell, and even better to buy it in proven places.

Side effects of green tea with lemon

There is practically no harm in a drink of lemon, but it is worth to refuse it for those who have an allergy to exotic fruits and high acidity. Also, pregnant women should be careful with this drink, as tea with lemon can trigger heartburn. And breastfeeding mothers should be cautious with a lemon drink. It should be slowly added to their diet, so not to cause the baby diathesis and colic.

Side effects of Chinese green tea

Gastritis, especially in the stage of their exacerbation, excludes the use of tea. With increased acidity, you should also be wary of this drink. Due to its chemical composition, tea increases the secretion of gastric juice, which can cause unpleasant, painful sensations with increased acidity.

Side effects of green tea

Feeling high temperature, it is not recommended to drink Chinese green tea. In this case, tea does not reduce thirst, but, on the contrary, strengthens it, stimulating sweating and causing a surplus of fluid in the body.

Theophylline, contained in tea, raises body temperature, neutralizing the effect of antipyretics. Also, it has a diuretic effect, which, again, helps to remove fluid from the body. Insomnia only intensifies under the influence of “tea” caffeine, bringing the brain, heart, nervous system into a state of excitement.

Side effects of green tea on females

Green tea has a lot of benefits for women’s health and, nevertheless, green tea at pregnancy should be limited in use. Caffeine in large quantities adversely affects the condition of the mother, in particular, leads to an increase in blood pressure and rapid heartbeat. The most dangerous in this regard is the end of the first and second trimester. But the worst thing is that caffeine can also affect the development of the baby, slowing the process of its formation and increasing the risk of developing a premature baby. Although there is not much caffeine in green tea and not as much as, for example, in coffee, however, in relatively small quantities, should still be taken into account.

Side effects of green tea

During pregnancy, doctors recommend replacing green tea containing caffeine with safe tea. If you love green tea and want to receive only benefits from it, it is worth knowing a few simple rules. First of all, choose a good quality green tea. The higher the tea quality you will consume, the more it will have beneficial substances. Brew a weak infusion of green tea. Drink no more than 3-4 cups of green tea a day.