Share, Don’t Waste Food


By: Akakan Umoh

Studies have shown that food is one of the basic needs of man. It is an essential thing that man needs during his stay on earth to survive.

If you go to weddings, the kind of meals thrown away is enough to feed a whole village. Don’t be shocked, because it happens. Even you reading this could be guilty of this too. People prefer to waste food, forgetting that there are people out there that have barely eaten a square meals, that needs the food more than them.

I can remember one incident. During one of my travels, I was stranded somewhere because the vehicle going to my final destination had not arrived yet, so I had to wait. While waiting, I was hungry, so I crossed the road and went to a roadside food kiosk where noodles and egg was made. I ordered for it and went back to the barbing shop. The owner of the shop was kind enough to allow a stranger wait at hos shop. I was also charging my phone there too because it was down.

I could not finish the meal because of the way it was cooked. It was not cooked to my taste. So, the owner of the shop told one of his attendants to help me return the plate to the food kiosk.

I stood up immediately to leave, thanked the owner of the shop for his hospitality and bid goodbyes, carried my bags and left the shop. Just as I stepped out of the shop, I looked by my left, and lurking at the corner of the shop was the man’s assistant sent to return the plate, slurping the noodles down his throat.

I quickly looked away, so I won’t be caught staring and made the boy feel bad. Deep down, I felt so bad, that this was a meal, that I could easily pay for him, without any stress, but there he was eating my leftovers.

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So, if you are someone that is used to wasting meals, then always check the quantity of the food you cook or put before eating. Food wastage should be seriously frowned at.

And also know that there are millions of children around the world. So, it won’t hurt to give food or money to that boy or girl, man or woman who needs it. Instead of wasting all that cooler of food by throwing it away, while still fresh, carry it to the street children out there. They may need it more than you do. Nothing is too small to give.