Senators, Reps, Ministers Not Ready To Solve Nigeria’s Hardships- Twitter User

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Despite the huge number of Senators, members of House of Representatives and cabinet members in the country, some Nigerians have deplored that they have not been able to proffer solutions to diverse hardships inflicted by government on the masses.

The Nigerians reacted when Mark ‘Dsoulja Otabor, host of the #TheBigIssue on @Tvcconnect tweeted on Saturday “109 Senators in Nigeria, 360 Members of the House of Representative and 44 Cabinet Ministers.

“A lot of them with all manner of degrees & qualifications from different schools & everywhere, yet nobody is able to come up with the most brilliant idea to solve the country’s Hardship.”

Reacting to Otabor’s assertion, Ikenna Ezeoka tweeted “Thing is, they don’t see any hardship like the masses see it. What they see is what project is available for looting

Also, Footyjabs @Footyjabs wrote “The mistake we make is believing that these people know what they are doing. Most are hollow upstairs. You need to know one or two of them to understand. Worse still, they careless about this country. Bros, this country is gone. Forget story.”

Jolasoso Temitope @jolaosotemi said “People that can’t even push bills towards cutting down cost of governance, at state and federal level.”

Iraow Kabir Ayotunde @IrawoA “Most of them forget or let’s say they don’t feel the heat. Awon heartless fellow. Creating something great in the country will be of benefit to everybody. Is obasanjo not passing the good road he did to sango otta.”

Adeojo Amos @Ojuans noted “Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge.” Simon Sinek.

 Adenekan Sheriff @Khooljoe observed “Well history can’t be made because the ones we are meant to tell their stories are still ruling us. #letgiveouryouththechancetomakeitright

Bokala Adebayo @BukolaAdebayo reasoned “Uummmh. Brilliant ideas are not a function of certificate.”

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