See These Nigerian Ankara Blouse and wrapper Styles


Looking for the best Nigerian blouse styles for wrapper ? Well, then you have come to the right place! The traditional costume of Nigerian women consists precisely of these two elements: blouse and wrapper. They have a long history and still remain in demand. Let’s consider the most popular combinations of colors, patterns, and fabrics that will help you always remain elegant and attractive.

Lace blouse and wrapper styles
A blouse is the clothing resembling a thin female shirt. The history of the blouse’s is quite long. Nowadays silk, chiffon, guipure, knitwear options are offered but the most fashionable and stylish have always been cord lace blouse styles as well as French lace and other types of lace fabrics. The secret of attraction is the subtlety, elegance, and piquancy of the fabric.

Lace is a luxurious material creating beauty and class. Lace designs emphasize femininity, add sophistication and chic. Handwork samples are of particular value because they have unique patterns and cost more.

Thanks to modern designers lace masterpieces have become available to every woman. Original designs without which it is difficult to imagine a fashionable ensemble regularly appear on the catwalks.

Nigerian lace blouse styles are not only those that are completely sewn from lace but also those in which small details are included, for example, cuffs, collars or other inserts.

The most frequent question that confronts a lady is not who can wear such elegant blouses, but how to wear them and with what to combine. The wrapper is the best option in the framework of Nigerian native styles.

Lace blouse is self-sufficient clothing, so it shouldn’t be combined with similar lace accessories. Otherwise, the abundance of lace can turn into bad taste. It is best to supplement it with classic jewelry.

You should not combine a lace blouse with colorful clothes with different kinds of prints. This rule must be remembered for good, since such fabrics in one combination may only emphasize the lack of style of the lady.

If you follow the balance, the lace blouse will look presentable and exquisite. This is quite sensual and frank material therefore in this outfit woman can look exceptionally fashionable and attractive even without a deep decollete.

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When choosing clothes, always listen to your own intuition, because the attire should decorate you and add originality to your image. George wrapper and blouse styles with lace are especially popular in this season.

As for the color shades, as you know, dark blouses hide the excess weight and add slenderness to the figure.

Ankara blouse and wrapper styles
It is very boring to wear monochrome clothes. Therefore in the wardrobe of every fashionable girl should be bright and interesting ankara blouse styles with various prints. Now you will learn how to combine them correctly with wrappers to look stylish.

Don’t overdo
Your image will look very harmonious if only one element of the costume have a bright print and the rest of clothes have calm color scheme which serves only as the background.

For example, a dark-colored wrapper will balance any bright and catchy blouse or vice versa, a white blouse with a wrapper of the most incredible coloring will make the set appropriate for any situation.

Same pattern, but different size
Without any fear, you can combine clothes with a similar print, but you need to choose different sizes for the top and bottom. For example, if you put on a wrapper with a small checkered pattern, then it’s better to choose a blouse with much larger patterns. A long wrapper with large flowers can be worn with a blouse with small flowers.

A set composed of correctly selected items with a geometric print (checkered, with strips, circles, etc.) can absolutely transform your figure. There is an elementary rule: the lines that are located vertically stretch the silhouette while horizontal lines expand it. So it’s possible to hide excess volume where it is needed and volume can be added with the help of clothes with polka dots or circles and smooth lines.

Similar colors
The combination of prints will be successful if they have the same basic color or a couple of additional ones. In this case, you can even combine different prints, for example, floral and geometric if they are in a similar color scheme. It is better to start with a classic black and white combination if you are afraid of making mistakes with shades and looking too mottled.

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Be careful with animalistic prints
To look not very vulgarly in clothes with a leopard print, you need to remember that the outfit must be sewn from expensive and quality ankara fabric. It is not recommended to combine animal prints with a floral, checkered patterns, stripes, and circles. They will look best of all in combination with a one-color clothing of neutral color: black, red, beige, dairy. In the kit should be either only one element with a leopard print or a maximum of two accessories.

Snake print is better combined with identical colors. The best addition to it is clothes of a simple and strict style with clear lines.

Bright print – simple style
There is no point in buying a blouse with a motley floral pattern and a lot of ruches, frills, and folds – they simply will not be visible. A print in the style of pop art which is in fashion for several seasons will look good only on clothes with a simple cut. The emphasis should be only one – either a print or the forms.

A function of a blouse determined not only by its style. Prints can also be conditionally divided into groups that can be worn in completely different situations. For example, geometric prints (checkered, strips) may be worn in the office or used for everyday life. Bright and eye-catching animal prints will be appropriate for visiting restaurants, theaters or concerts. A gentle and romantic floral pattern is ideal for a date.

Do not be afraid to experiment with simple rules mentioned above. You will always look lovely and attractive in latest wrapper and blouse styles. We hope that this information was useful for you.