Sanders Seeks Taxation Of US Billionaires To Fund Medicare For All

Sanders Seeks Taxation
Bernie Sanders

A two-time US Democratic Party presidential aspirant, Bernie Sanders, has voiced support for the taxation of billionaire class in the United States of America to fund adequate medical services for the majority.

A report published by The Guardian said “Despite millions of Americans delaying medical treatment due to the costs, the US still spends the most on the healthcare of any developed nation in the world, while covering fewer people and achieving worse overall health outcomes.

“A 2017 analysis found the United States ranks 24th globally in achieving health goals set by the United Nations. In 2018, $3.65tn was spent on healthcare in the United States, and these costs are projected to grow at an annual rate of 5.5% over the next decade.”

Sanders in his Saturday’s Twitter handle said” While 92 million can’t afford health care, the 4 richest Americans are now worth $512.8 billion.”

According to him, “Jeff Bezos: $193 billion; Bill Gates: $122 billion; Mark Zuckerberg: $101 billion, and Elon Musk: $96.8 billion.”

“It’s time to tax the billionaire class and expand Medicare to all,” Sanders sought.