Rep Chinda Proposes Mixed Parliamentary System For Nigeria

A member of House of Representatives in the country has called for adoption of a more manageable, realistic and pragmatic system that can proffer some solutions to the country’s problems.
Kingsley Chinda representing Obio/Akpor Federal Constituency (PDP Rivers State) is the arrowhead of the 71 legislators, opting for the reversion from Presidential system to parliamentary governance in Nigeria.
Recall that 71 lawmakers in the House of Representatives had jointly promoted the Bill which passed first reading last Thursday.
He listed “The issues of decentralisation; fantastic corruption; weak institutions; lack of synergy between the arms of government; excessive powers at the centre and weak states, a visionless or obscure vision of the executive; high cost of governance; non-performance of executive; poor oversight of arms of government; high over head; insecurity; bloated population and dwindling social infrastructure.
In a telephone chat with the Vanguard Sunday, he said: “All these are the propelling force why we should rethink the political structure of the country.
According to him, “The only thing that is constant in life is change. You cannot continue to do the same thing and expect a different result.
Chinda adduced reasons why he promoted the Bill seeking for a change.
“All fundamental revolutions in society started in the legislature and this constitutional change is borne out of genuine response to the yearnings of Nigerians.
“We are trying to proffer a legislative solution to some of our country’s fundamental problems that have defied executive solutions for decades.
“Excessive discretion conferred by the constitution at the centre is being abused as most of us are clearly not matured enough to manage the magnitude of powers the constitution confers on the President.
“A parliamentary system will help Nigeria better at this time in our political life. The exclusive list will be pruned down and state governments allowed healthy competitive growth. A mixed parliamentary breed is proposed. This Bill is borne out of our desire to see Nigeria grow and be strong again among the comity of nations,” he added.