Regina Askia-Williams Identifies Poverty As Cause Of Promiscuity Among Women

Regina Askia-Williams
Regina Askia-Williams

A former beauty queen, Regina Askia-Williams has attributed promiscuity among the womenfolk in the country to poverty.

Askia-Williams an Akwa Ibom indigene was reacting to gossips and beef from videos posted on social media by some women, threatening to expose adulterous women and accusing some politicians of encouraging promiscuity among some women in Akwa Ibom.

This was as one Happiness, an ex-pastor’s wife confessed to being a runs girl with a threat to expose the wife of an Uyo-based politician for ‘assaulting’ her of having a relationship with the husband as well as Blessing Ossom, a politician and caterer who accused politicians in the state of always making sexual overtures on women.

Though these viral videos have attracted a backlash from members of the public, Felicia Bassey, a deputy speaker in the state House of Assembly, has called for a ceasefire from the feuding parties.

In an online video, Askia-Williams residing in the United States identified poor management of resources as the cause of poverty especially as some people entrusted with public funds to build roads, clinics squander such, thus abating creating lack among the people and exacerbating poverty in the state.

“A woman goes to a politician to look for a job, and he wants to sleep with her. A woman goes to another politician to collect a letter of recommendation and he looks for a benefit. If we want to end poverty or promiscuity, we must stand at the top. Our leaders and government officials must wake up and refrain from this attitude. Let us change our moral values,” the beauty queen said.

She dismissed the accusation that Nollywood is the root cause of debasing morality in the society, pointing out that Nollywood is the reflection of the society not the cause of immorality, but was created to provide jobs for the youths.

On the recent Google assessment that Nigerian women are the most promiscuous and by inference Calabar women, she dismissed it as untrue.

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