Reckless Driver Crushes 400-Level CRUTECH Student In Campus

Cross River University of Technology
Cross River University of Technology

A 400-level Civil Engineering student of Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH) Calabar, has been knocked down and killed by a reckless driver in the main campus of the university.

Joseph Agbo was said to have died when a drunk driver who was on speed lost control and rammed into pavement where he was sitting.

Confirming the story, DSP Irene Ugbo, Cross River Police spokesperson, said the accident was caused by the reckless driving of the alleged 200-level student of the same institution.

“Agbo was reported to have sat by an empty gutter waiting for the commencement of his lecture when the student who drove the vehicle crushed him to death.

“We have arrested the reckless driver and impounded the vehicle for further investigation.

“We are still investigating to find other causes of the accident and if the driver was drunk,” she said.

Onen Ebri, the institution spokesman, also told NAN that the school authority and the police were already handling the case.

“We learnt that the student who caused the death does not know how to drive a car; he kept his belongings in the said vehicle belonging to another student who was receiving            a lecture.

“The owner of the vehicle gave him his car key in order for him to remove his belongings.

“The young boy went to the vehicle but instead of retrieving his belongings, decides to drive the car even when he knew that he could not drive and that action resulted into the accident.

“However, the one who drove the car has been arrested by the police with the owner of the car while the vehicle was impounded by the police.

“Agbo was initially rushed to the school’s medical centre but he died and was later transferred to the morgue,’’ he said.