Operation Python Dance III in S’East: NBA, CLO Cleric Raise Alarm

The proposed re-launching of the third round of ‘Operation Python Dance’, known as Operation Python Dance III may set individuals and groups from the South East geo-political zone on war path with the government.

The first and second rounds of the Operation Egwu Eke had left in its trail enormous casualties that the victims said they were yet to recover from their harmful effects, even up till date.

But baring his mind on the proposed Python Dance 3 Operation, Ben Okoko, former Chairman of Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Idemili branch, told newsmen Thursday at his law chambers at Nkpor, near Onitsha that the exercises called Operation Python Dance 1, 2 or 3 as the case may be is a huge and monumental waste of public funds.

According to Okoko, the exercise also shows incompetence of the Nigerian military in handling the internal affairs of this country, adding that the military in Nigeria has come of age and should have a paradigm shift from physicalism to intelligence gathering and under-cover operations.

“To announce to the whole world that you will be having Operation Python Dance or Snake Dance is to say the least, letting the cat out of the bag as such activities would definitely bring the military direct confrontation with the civilians and the populace who they are supposed to protect”.

“Previous outings of these operations have resulted in huge casualties on civilians. There have been instances where military might may have been required but where they failed woefully to effect. The resources they are trying to put on ground for this Operation Python Dance 3, if channeled to the flash points of the country, where the Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram Sects are wrecking havoc, would send a nunc dimitis to the Sects and get them eradicated”.

“It will amount to adding salt to injury for the military to come to South East under the guise of Operation Python Dance 3 where the population is already saturated with heavy police presence in a peace time. So, it will be superfluous for the military to add their presence in the South East and also very provocative on the citizenry”.

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“Since people are still recovering from the effects of the military/IPOB skirmishes in the recent past, my candid advice is for the military to allow the sleeping dog lie and to take their might to where it is needed in the North East and Middle Belt sections of Nigeria”. Okoko concluded.

In his own reaction, the General Overseer of Mount Zion Faith Global Liberation Ministry Inc.( a.k.a. By Fire By Fire), Nnewi, Anambra state, Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh, declared: “South East zone and its people do not need anything called Operation Python Dance for any reason whatsoever”.

He warned that any one fronting such a move is making mockery of Ndigbo in totality and at the same time reminding us of the civil war massacre against us, adding, “enough of that remembrance and marginalization of Ndigbo. They must be put to a stop without further delay or else, the wrath of God will visit them individually and collectively.”

“The Operation Python Dance 3 should be sent to the areas where there are massive killings like in the Norther part of the country where Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram insurgents are disturbing the peace of the country and not in the South East where there is peace and quietness”, Udeh further stated.

Udeh further warned that anyone dreaming about impeaching the Senate President, Bukola Saraki should forget about it as anyone who tries that would impeach himself or herself from the land of the living and such a person would surely attract the wrath of God upon him or herself.

He also warned that anyone appending his or her signature to impeach Saraki is signing his or her death warrant, so says the Lord and whosoever has the determination to remove Saraki from the seat as senate president must suffer for it because Saraki did not do any thing bad to warrant his removal, except that he refused to dance to their Islamic agenda and they now decided to push him away.

“This intimidation must be put to a stop. If they insist on re-launching the Operation Python Dance for the third time, they would see the wrath of God in action. Already, the atrocities they committed so far during the previous exercises in South East is what they are suffering from at the moment, Therefore, another Operation Python Dance is not welcome in the East”.

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Said Bishop Udeh: “Don’t you know that it is Ndigbo in the military that are being sent to the North to be killed by the Boko Haram insurgents? They think we don’t know all these things and that is why they still want to remind us of the harmful effects of the civil war and last year’s killing of Ndigbo. The current disagreements between Boko haram insurgents and Fulani herdsmen are the effect of last year’s killing of innocent Igbo sons and daughters”.

Also reacting to the development, Comrade Vincent Ezekwueme, Anambra state Chairman of the Civil Liberties Organization, CLO, declared: “I reject in its entirety, the proposed re-launching of the third Operation Python Dance in South East zone because the zone is yet to recover from the shock and damning effects of the first and second exercises carried out in the past which were very disastrous in nature”.

Ezekwueme noted that instead of Python Dance, the South East zone is in dire and desperate need of infrastructural developments, particularly the resuscitation of moribund Onitsha Sea Port, Onitsha/3-3/Otuocha road, Enugu/Awka/Onitsha road, Nnewi/Uga/Akokwa/Arondizuogu/Okigwe road, Akanu Ibiam Airport, appointment of Easterners into sensitive and strategic positions.

Ezekwueme noted that with these developments in place, the people of Southeast will rather stage a Dance of Smile and at the same time, have a sense of belonging, instead of the dreaded Dance of Python.