Nigerian Girls Lured By Yahoo Boys Are In Deep Soup- Says Facebook User


Are you a Nigerian female who usually joins friends, course mates and siblings for a free ride or happening party in town? Do you normally join boys with flashy cars to clubs and eateries for eating and drinking spree? Do you like fraternizing with happening boys in town? Then, you have to be careful so that you do not fall into the traps of boys specialising in Yahoo Plus.

Yahoo Plus concerns smart boys who use online platforms to defraud unsuspecting persons of their hard-earned money. In attempt to make much money, they use diabolical means to achieve their ill-conceived motive and to hide from the prying eyes of cybercrime detectives.

An anonymous Facebook user who is said to have worked with one of the Yahoo Plus boys declared to the Nigerian females who might have been victims “You are a walking corpse because you have been used by Yahoo boys for Yahoo Plus.”

According to him, “I came across an old friend of mine. Men, you needed to see his car- modern Benz with flashy rims. His dressing was enticing.

“We decided to talk and I asked him the way forward. He said he was doing Yahoo business. I was shocked and asked him ‘how did you get this far?

He replied “I plus up now as in (Yahoo Plus+).” I went again to ask him what he was doing, and he did not even hide it because he trusted me. This was what he told me,” he narrated.

“My guy when I started the Yahoo thing, it was not successful because some clients used to pay me $200.  Due to a lull in the business, I approached one babalawo. The man assured me I would hit a jackpot after doing some rituals.”

“At first, I was afraid. Thereafter, I met the man who gave me handkerchief, advising me to use it after having sex with any girl of my choice.  He instructed me to use the handkerchief, cleanse her pussy and then bring it to him.

He continued “I was shocked. I could not believe my ears. He further told me that most Nigerian university female students are walking corpses and empty vessels.”

“He said he has been doing this for more than nine months. Just imagine the number of innocent girls who have been rendered useless because of material things.

“I am sorry to say that most girls are in big soup and they need deep deliverance,” the Facebook user advised.