Nigerian Singer, Former Manager Troll In Social Media

Oritsefemi, Kara straightnews
Oritsefemi, Kara

Nigerian singer and performer and his former manager are trolling in the social media over irreconcilable differences.

Oritsefemi Majemite Ekele popularly known by his first name Oritse Femi, a Nigerian singer-songwriter and performer had fired his former manager, Lady Kara, of sleeping with her friend’s husband in the United Kingdom.

He called her names then went as far as demeaning her by making an inappropriate statement about her lady’s parts.

Oritsefemi’s former manager, Kara has fired back at him after he accused her of sleeping with her friend’s husband.

Kara had expressed her support for Oritsefemi’s wife, Nabila Fash after she accused the singer of infidelity.

Reacting to Oritsefemi’s claim of not being loyal to her friends, the singer’s former manager alleged that his strategy of fixing his life is to drag his wife’s supporters with trolls.

Kara who also insinuated that the singer is broke asked him to stay away from her as he needs rehab.

Oritsefemi has hit back at his former manager, The Lady Kara, after she called him out and took sides with his wife Nabila Fash.

In a post shared to Instagram, Kara explained that she agreed to manage Oritsefemi  because his wife Nabila begged her to but she says it didn’t go well as she spent her own money to organise tours for the singer and she never made a dime back (read here).

Kara claimed she agreed to manage Oritsefemi only because his wife Nabila begged her to. She claimed she spent her money to fund the singer’s tour and did not get a penny back.

She added that she knows that Nabila must gone through much pain for her to bring her personal business to the public.

Kara wrote: “I tend to keep quiet in the media… but this time I need to say this publicly for the record. I know where my loyalties lie. @nabila.fash …keep your head up.

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“You were the one who begged me to manage him and I did a lot just for you. I spent my money to help fund his tours and did not get a penny paid back or any form of compensation.

“He left me stranded in Europe but thank God I have decent friends in this life globally… I just let that slide because I know how to earn from my other businesses that pay me.

Earlier on Monday, February 8, Nabila Fash made a revelation that her husband Oritsefemi got intimate with another woman in their home while she was away at work.

This revelation came weeks after she forgave him and moved back into their home after he apologized publicly for an offense he didn’t state and asked her to come back home.

Nabila now calling out a woman who went to her matrimonial home to sleep with her husband, The Lady Kara has spoken out, revealing she’s on Nabila’s side while exposing Oritsefemi.

Oritsefemi has now hit back via his Instagram Stories, swearing to die untimely if he had slept with any woman that day.

It was reported that Fash moved out of their matrimonial home over Oritsefemi’s infidelity.

The singer called out his wife’s friend and actress, Carolina Danjuma for being the brain behind the crisis in his marriage.

After several name-callings on social media, the music star reconciled with his wife.