Nigerian Clergymen Offer A Solution To End COVID-19 Pandemic

Image of Jesus Christ
Image of Jesus Christ

Nigerian clergymen have offered elixir that will end the ravaging coronavirus that has killed thousands in the world.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, had announced that Akwa Ibom has five confirmed cases of the dreaded virus while more persons who had the first contact with the victims are yet to know their status.

This was as some churches in Akwa Ibom local government areas including Uyo, the state capital marked Easter Sunday service in compliance with the state government’s directive and in addition to observance of social distancing with only 20 members during the service.

The clergymen, who spoke in a telephone interview with Straightnews reporter in Uyo on Easter Sunday service, observed that the so-called countries daubed ‘world power’ are confused, while vaccines have failed to proffer solutions to the deadly virus.

Speaking differently, Udeme Simon of Great Faith Church, 25 Emco Lane, Uyo, explained that some people are confined to territorial and others are confined to physical knowledge of things or persons.

In the message entitled: That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, Simon, an archbishop in the church, said Paul despite his relationship with Jesus Christ was still desperate to know Jesus and His resurrection power, stressing the need for Christians to have deeper thirst and desire for Him.

On the solution to the COVID-19, the servant of God lamented that the pandemic has crippled the world’s system and economy, and rendered world-known scientists and leaders more confused.

Simon said the answer lies in Psalm 91:1-16, particularly verse 7 of the passage and urged all to return to God who is the author of everything and the owner of human knowledge.

In his sermon, Sam Etok, the Regional Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, South-South 33 Region, 12 Urua Udofia Street, Uyo, said coronavirus has forced people to live a life they were not used to in life

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Etok, a pastor in his sermon tagged In a time like this said “In a time like this, you will find yourself in a place you would not want to be. A situation like this makes things look abnormal and strange.

“In a time like this, what will the human race do because there was a time like this in the life of the Israelites? They had a time like this in the wilderness, a place where they never lived before. They had lived in Egypt where they were having everything- they could eat meat, drank water. They had everything available before they found themselves in a new place- no food, no water- a different environment for them, a time that everything was difficult and hard.”

“That was their own experience. So at this moment, the only way out is to turn to God because He is the one that knows everything that will happen tomorrow. Before the virus came, He knew about it. Since God knows about every season in life, God had already known the season we are experiencing. He also made provision for everyone to survive this season because He knew about it. It is only strange to us but not to God. The Israelites did not know in the Wilderness that there could be no water or food. Yet, God was with them and provided a solution to them in time of need,” the man of God said.

In his message, Gabriel Nkenang of Word Tabernacle, Osong Ama Estate, Uyo, preached on the topic: The power of His resurrection taken from Phillipians 3:10.

Nkenang, an Archbishop, said “Jesus is the only solution to the pandemic. Without Jesus, all the vaccines we are hearing about, all the precautionary measures, all the health rules would be in vain. I have seen people who are able to keep all the rules, yet they still died. Jesus is the solution. We must allow Jesus to come into our lives.

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“I think God is trying to teach the world a lesson that He alone is the world power. Other nations that claim to be world powers and struggling to outdo the other ones are helpless, confused. We have come to the realisation and conclusion that Jesus Christ alone is the world power. And a lot of countries were almost crossing the line- they were trespassing into the glory of God. They think they were God themselves.”

“The world must return to God. Jesus is at the corner. He wants to show the world that He is at the door and everyone must return to God so that Light will return because Jesus is light. And life has come to a standstill. When aircraft has refused to fly, what is life without aircraft and what is life without the transportation business? Everyone is in a correctional service because we are in prison. God wants to correct us and send us back to be His children,” the archbishop declared.