Nigerian Beauty Allegedly Commits Suicide For losing Her Telephone

Nora Able straightnews
Nora Able

What would have forced a young girl to commit suicide? Can loss of a telephone, a vain item, compelled her to take her life? What were the contents in the telephone such that the loss of the telephone terrified her of possible exposure by the thief? Or, was it the cost of it?

These are the questions boggling the minds of many as a young Nigerian beauty from Akwa Ibom State allegedly committed suicide over loss of her telephone.

Nora Able who hailed from Uyo in Akwa Ibom reportedly drank poison after she lost her telephone.

Her loss has caused heartache to her relations and friends, resulting in outpouring of griefs in the social media.

An eye witness narrated that when it was discovered that she drank poison, her relations rushed her to an undisclosed hospital where after sometime was pronounced dead.

According to the witness, she had been buried and her friends held a candle light session to mourn the great loss.

Until her death, she was the president of Clever Girls Foundation.

Several friends and relations have taken to social media to mourn over the great loss.