New Chadian Leader Allegedly Executes Army Generals, Detains Father’s ADC

Mahamat Kaka Deby, Idriss Deby straightnews
Mahamat Kaka Deby, Idriss Deby

The interim Head of State in Chad, Mahamat Kaka Deby is alleged to have executed some army generals in his country.

Mahamat Kaka was named interim Head of State by a transitional council of military officers in a statement that was broadcast on state television after his father, Idriss Deby was killed on the frontline against rebels in the northern part of his country.

Shortly on assumption of office, he sacked the civilian government and declared to stay in office for 18 months before fresh election is conducted to bring in new rulers.

Special Assistant to Nigeria Senate President on media, Abu Sidiq took to his Twitter handle page to share a very sad update about the current situation in the Republic of Chad.

Sidiq also claimed that he also arrested and detained other generals including his late father’s ADC.

The identity of those reportedly executed has not yet known at the moment.

Until his death, Idriss Deby was the president of Chad for 30 years.

He came into power through a rebellion in 1990 and he was recently declared the winner of a presidential election which would have given him a sixth term as Chadian President.

He was one of Africa longest-ruling President and he survived a lot of coup attempts and rebellion in the past.

Nigerian politician Femi Fani-Kayode has queried the person who really killed Chad President Idriss Derby.

He also questioned if it was actually the rebels or people from his own army, what role did France and America play if they had any? and how his son emerge as Head of State?

The one-time Minister of Aviation said, “Who really killed Pres. Idris Deby? Was it the rebels or were they disgruntled elements within his own army? What role did France play,if any? What role did the Americans play,if any? How did his son emerge as Head of State after the killing& why was there effectively a coup?”

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FFK questioned if the whole thing was planned, citing example of how President Laurent Kabila of DRC Congo was killed in 2001 and his young army officer son Joseph took over for many years. He stated that at that time Joseph was a young Major in the army, and few years later he transformed himself into a democratically elected President for many years more.

He questioned on the identity of 5 generals who were executed by Derby’s son and the cause of the their execution, and how it affects the war against Boko Haram and the peace and stability of Nigeria.

According to him, “Who were the 5 generals that were executed by Deby’s son after his father was murdered and why were they executed? Why was his ADC executed as well? What are the implications of this assassination on the war against Boko Haram in the west African sub-region & on Nigeria’s North Eastern border with Chad?