Nairobi Church Where Worshippers Dance With Dead

Nairobi Church
Nairobi Church

Among the worshipers of Jerusalem Church of Christ, Kawangware, Nairobi, it is not strange to dance with the dead before they are interred.

Usually led by Prophetess Mary Akatsa, the church founder, the worshippers would dance with corpses before they are taking to their resting places.

According to Akatsa, dancing shows respect to the dead and makes them happy before the corpses are buried to prepare them for another world.

Akatsa said ‘’dancing with the dead makes them happy and prevents their spirits from hunting the living.

“Death is not the end of life that is why we celebrate the dead by carrying them around and dancing with them before burying them,” she noted.

“Dead people are still part of us. It is only that they are called first and we celebrate because their calling is by the Most High to prepare for the second coming,’’ the prophetess added.

In most cases, worshippers will carry the dead persons’ caskets and jubilantly dance with them.

Before burying the dead, Akatsa ensures that they are well dressed and blesses them as they go back to their maker.

“It is a routine for us and we don’t fear dancing with corpses,’’ a worshipper who sought to remain anonymous said.

The church is noted for its strictness when it comes to matters of worship and does not entertain latecomers.