Mmong – Mmong Ikong Atama


This soup is in another class of soup recipes cutting across geographical boundaries and ethnic barriers. It could be cooked by any person or group of people depending on their culinary relish.

Atama tree is usually grown in the tropical area and wet soil. Its scented leaves are plucked from it and used in preparing this world-class soup. Even the undiluted scent is appetising. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, which help to fight diseases and boost the immune system of the body. According to herbal product manufacturers, atama is a natural elixir to some undisclosed ailments. 

To prepare waterleaf atama or atama mmong-mmong ikong, you have to gather these ingredients: atama leaves, waterleaves, palm oil, periwinkle, fresh pepper, crayfish, goat meat or cow meat, stock fish or its head, dried fish, kpomo, salt and maggi.

Wash meat, stock fish or its head and periwinkle. Season the ingredients and allow them to steam on fire.  Wash and shred waterleaves. At the same time, shred and pound atama leaves. When this is done, you add dried fish; season to taste. Allow it to remain on fire for at least five to 10 (5-10) minutes. Add your steamed periwinkles and waterleaves. Cover the pot and allow it to cook for some minutes. Finally, add the atama leaves. Stir and leave it for two to three minutes. Your soup is ready for savouring.

Serve it with fufu, garri, semovita and any other foodstuff depending on your choice.