Man Falls In Love With 60,000 Bees

Indiana Man covered with bees
Indiana Man covered with bees

An Indian beekeeper, who falls in love with more than 60,000 bees, declares “Bees are like my best friends.”

The 24-year-old, known as Nature M.S, says bees do not regard him as a threat.

For seven years, Nature M.S has been keeping bees on his face, impressing his childhood friends with the trick in Kerala.

A holder of the Guinness World Record, he allows bees to cover his face for four hours, 10 minutes and five seconds, being the longest time.

He said he was first introduced to the buzzing creatures by his father Sajayakumar who is himself an award-winning beekeeper and a honey maker.

He said: “Soon a swarm of buzzing insects crowded around as they covered my arm within 15 minutes.

“They were on my hand in search of the queen and to protect it. The next day I tried a similar stunt with the queen on my head and within moments my entire head and face got covered.

“My father’s advice always comes to my mind and eliminates any nervousness or fear.

“My father always advised me to be calm with the bees and treat them like a friend. He also asked me to take deep breaths and never lose patience or give in to fear.

“Initially it was not that easy, but I never felt awkward ever, in fact, I felt awesome.

“There was no problem with them on my face at all and I could see everything, I even did a little walk and a dance.

“Right since the very first experience, I got attached with the honeybees. Even before I learnt the fact that honeybee stings are dangerous, I had developed a special bond with them.

“People are often scared of bees because they sting.

“Honeybees are the key insects in society, it is our duty to protect them. Without honeybees, the earth could not sustain us all.”