Let’s Talk About Mind Restructuring- Varsity Don Tells Nigerians

A Nigerian university don has advocated the implementation of mind restructuring agenda in place of restructuring of Nigeria currently canvassed for by many political pundits, ethnic nationalities and individuals in the country.

Currently, Afenifere, a Pan Yoruba Organisation has pledged to throw its weight behind any Presidential candidate who is in support of restructuring while Ohaneze Ndigbo and All Progressives Party in Urhobo Ethnic Nationality, among others are canvassing for implementation of restructuring by President Buhari administration.

Professor Des Wilson, a one-time Dean, Faculty ofArts, University of Uyo who advocated this took a swipe on the incessant campaigns for implementation of political restructuring now on the lips of many.

Wilson, who spoke this Monday in a privately owned radio station in Akwa Ibom State, Comfort FM Radio, Uyo, noted “It is impossible to implement restructuring before the 2019 general elections. Even then, some of the advocates are not sincere about the restructuring of the country.  They are hypocritical about it. There are more fundamental issues that should be addressed rather than talking about something which is not a solution to the corporate existence of the country.

“Some campaigners are fond of double speak and in political scheming. They say this today and do that tomorrow. They propagate disunity and hatred and spread fear among the people. Restructuring the country along regional or political lines is harmful to our corporate existence. I want us to forget about political restructuring.

“Instead of heeding to restructuring calls, I will advocate mind restructuring which hinges on changing the minds of average Nigerians to think positively about love, unity, common sound ideologue, peace, belief and brotherhood among us. We should think and practise things that will weld us together as indivisible not separate people. Let us think about restructuring of our minds.

“In this wise, I want the Federal Government to involve the National Orientation Agency (NOA) to carry out the implementation of the idea. Let the agency begin the process by beginning practical re-orientation o four minds. Government should bring on board credible people to man the agency not dubious people. They should be people of impeccable character who will mount the campaign, talk and convince the electorates indeed Nigerians to change our minds for positive things and to embrace unity message. I am not saying you all Nigerians are upright, but let people be properly selected and appointed to man the office. Let there be inductritional service for the people.

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On the conduct of the elctions in Nigeria, he expressed misgivings about the manner and ways elections are usually conducted leading to emergence of people of questionable character to rule over many.

According to him, this process of conducting our elections and selection of candidates is fraught with abnormalities and help to produce rulers instead of leaders.

“Let there be proper election, not carry-go election. Unfortunately, we have rulers not leaders in the country. Give the electorates the opportunity to elect credible people into positions of authority. For example, look at the postponed election into Students Union Government (SUG) of the University of Uyo (UNIUYO). It was characterised by violence. Why will students at the university level use violence to win election? Will they not carry the same mentality into the politics of the larger society tomorrow?” the professor queried.

He, however, advocated the conduct of psychiatric examination for political office aspirants in the country to ensure ineligible ones are shown the way out to pave way for people of sound minds will be elected into offices.

Speaking on the rampant killings in the country, he stated that “It is unfortunate that the killings are going on in the country, yet the present administration is unable to stop such.

“I know that killing of farmers occurred before now. Yet, it was not so pronounced during the previous administration. Killings should not turn to a competition. Why is the President Muhammadu Buhari administration comparing the figures of people killed in his administration to another? This administration was voted into power to stop the mess of the previous administration yet the administration is dwelling on blame game and doing worse the things. It is not right,” he bemoaned.