Layer Chicken Cage System

Type:  A-Type and H-Type.

Size:  A-Type: 1950mm*350mm*380mm.

H-Type: 1800mm*600mm*430mm.

Tiers:  A-Type (3 – 4 Tiers); H-Type (3 – 8 Tiers).

Raw material:  International Q235 steel.

Cage frame: U-shaped steel bar.

Anti-corrosion treatment process: Electrostatic spraying, Aluminum-zinc alloy, Hot-dip galvanized.

Layer chicken cage feeding system consist of two types, A type and vertical H type, which is applicable to various kinds of chicken house ( opened type, half-opened type, closed type).

A type chicken cage has the feature of simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, high option of the automatic equipment, lower input costs and reap fast, customer could choose the chicken cage only, cage with semi or high-automatic equipment according to your different requirement.

H type chicken cage has the feature of high-automation, high-density, effectively save the land and labor cost, the separation of the chicken shed and people living zone avoids the disease spread, fully automatic manure removing system effectively decrease the environmental pollution, adding the intelligent environmental controling system, which is the best choice of the intensive & large scale poultry farm.

Fully automatic electrostatic spraying equipment for raising layer chicken

  1. Fully automatic electrostatic spraying equipment, which can resist corrosion and has a long lifespan about more than 15 – 20 years.
  2. Intensive management and automated control achieve automatic feeding, watering, manure cleaning, egg collecting and environment control. All improve that the fully automatic system is the most ideal raising equipment for the green layer chicken.

Equipment list of the layer cage feeding system:

  1. Basic Component:

Chicken layer cage mesh, Chicken layer cage frame, Feeding trough, Water Pipe, Water Pressure Adjuster, Drinking Nipple

  1. Optional automatic equipment:

Automatic egg-collecting system, Automatic feeding system, Automatic manure-removing system, Climate control system, Computerized control system