Kure Predicts Major Political Shake-Up In Nigeria, Urges Buhari To Do Restitution

Mohammed Buhari

A Nigerian man of God has predicted a major shake-up in the country’s political system from February to April this year.

Apostle Emmanuel Nuhu Kure, who made the prediction during the February 2018 National Prayer Altar meeting in Abuja, posited “I want Nigerians to watch out the happenings within these months and see what God is going to do.”

Kure, who is the founder of Throneroom Trust Ministries, Kafanchan in Kaduna State, said “By April this year, Israel will celebrate 70 years of independence. It is the month of Adar in Jewish calendar. There will be strange miracles and changing of destinies within this period. It will be a period any stone will be rolled away.”

To buttress his point, he read from Daniel 4:17 and said God is interested in every person and in every nation, assuring that “April is very critical to different people and nations in the world. And within the three months, God is shaking and doing His promises (prophecies) in the lives of people and the affairs of nations.”

The man of God, who prophesised “The work of President Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria is finished” meaning that his political reign has come to an end, declared that in his place, “God has ordained a new king for Nigeria,” saying that he has put the prophecy in social media,Youtube and their website for people to listen to and watch.

He recalled that on Tuesday, January 30, 2018, God opened the Heavens and revealed the prophecy to him, warning him to release it at the appointed time and the appointed time is now.

“The President was weighed in a SCALE. Since the President did not condemn or raise his hands to stop the killings of Nigerians by Fulani herdsmen, God has scattered his political power,” he stated.

Reading from Numbers 24:17b, Kure said “A new star is smiting the foundation of the Nigerian government. The political re-alignment has begun. A STAR from the Heaven would smite the corners of Moab (the spirits behind herdsmen onslaught on human beings and demonic power of the powers of Sheth in history.”

According to him, “He would do everything to remedy the situation, but every effort would end as a mistake. God has lifted power from him. Let the President pray for mercy.

“He should do restitution for the atrocities and blood shed by the Fulani hersdmen otherwise God will instantly judge him. I know the President would not do it. As a Fulani, he has limitations of the tribe. Fulani has a strong tradition.You cannot destroy your tribe. However, there is no remedy because blood is involved. Too much blood has been shed in this country.”

The man of God shuddered “At times, I wonder the way some people speak including pastors to dismiss the killings as non-issue. How can people say that the killings in Southern Kaduna were not real? When I saw the massacre, I wept. Sometime people would ask if God is still speaking to His prophets these days. Yes, He is speaking, but how many people are listening to God’s servants?

“For Nigeria government, All Progressives Party (APC), bondmen and sons, a dismantling of power is taking place in Nigeria. God will break the power of the herdsmen.There will be political earthquake in Nigeria.

“I do not hate the present government, but I am fulfiling God’s divine mission. I do not want to be misinterpreted or misquoted as I have no ill-will against the government. I have some friends in the government. Mustapha Boss, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation is a very intelligent person and my friend. I have many of them like him in the government.

Recall at the programme hosted by Rev. Tom Amenkhienan and Christ Embassy Abuja in January 2018, US televangelist Benny Hinn reportedly prophesied in the presence of Senator Dino Melaye, Femi Falana, Jerry Gana and others, during his recent crusade in Nigeria that God had spoken that in a matter of weeks, there will be political changes in Nigeria.

Hinn’s words: “What I am sensing would happen few weeks from now, not months. I have never sensed before what I am sensing now. God is sending an anointing for political authority to the church. The church would affect the government of Nigeria. There is a shift in the atmosphere.”

According to him, “God is bringing changes to Nigeria’s political sector. The church has to fast for 21 days just like Daniel did, not 20 or 19. Partial fasting, eat only once in a day.

“When you fast, I want you to target the individuals you want to see removed from office. Call them by names and their offices. This time you must take the kingdom by force. I see adjustment and changes in the political sector of Nigeria. “The church has the authority. Kathryn Kuhlman said ‘No nation is stronger than the anointing it is church is carrying. You must declare the changes you want to see while fasting.’”

The American preacher also asked the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) to organise men of God in Nigeria to take a helicopter ride and speak healing, prosperity and wealth over the atmosphere.

“Pray in tongues over Nigeria. I sense a divine anointing for change that will affect the economy of Nigeria positively. You wait when you finish the fast; you will call me and tell me what God has done in Nigeria. The churches in Nigeria will affect the map of Africa.

We will pray for prosperity to rest in Nigeria and all powers not of God will be defeated. “Call the politicians you do not want to remain in power by their names and their offices. When the fast is over watch what happens in Nigeria. This should be organised by CAN and PFN working with all church leaders in all denominations in the nation. The fast should start immediately starting with repentance for the land and the sins of the church,” he said.