Insecurity: Leave President Buhari Alone, Do Your Own- Urge Radio Callers


As the security situation in the country keeps on deteriorating, some radio callers in Akwa Ibom State want people blaming President Muhammadu Buhari for inaction in some situations to leave him alone and face the problem headlong.

Speaking in a privately-owned radio station, Passion FM, Uyo on Wednesday, the callers said that even Mr. President as the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces does not protect himself, but people are protecting him.

A caller said every state has Governor, each local government area has a chairman and each village has a village head or a person in an acting capacity.

“The Governor is the chief security officer of a state; the local government chairman is the chief security officer in his area while the village head is in-charge of his village.

“A Governor presides over security meeting with Commissioner of Police; a local government chairman presides over a security meeting with Divisional Police Officer and a village head lords over a village council meeting.”

Another caller supported the idea, saying “Every month, a Governor collects humongous amount as security vote; a chairman collects his own while a village collects monthly stipends from the local government council.”

He queried “Are the security votes and stipends not meant for use in fighting and quelling security infractions in their states, local government areas and villages? Why can’t they use the security votes and stipends to fight insecurity in their domains instead of waiting for Buhari to come and fight for them.”

Another caller reasoned that except the insecurity is external aggression which is beyond the public office holders in a state, then they can draw the attention of the President to step into solving such. If not, why do they cry and expect Buhari to solve insecurity for them while they are equipped to quell the infraction?”

The callers in one voice concluded “People entrusted with responsibilities of protecting lives and property must not shirk their responsibilities and expect a President staying in Abuja to solve the problem for them. Do your bidding and let the President do his own. By so doing, the insecurity will be brought to the barest minimum.”