Iniubong Umoren’s Funeral: Let God Avenge Her Murderer- Sympathisers, Friends

Iniubong Umoren;s funeral service straightnews
Iniubong Umoren;s funeral service

Heavy downpour could not deter thousands of sympathisers and friends from witnessing the funeral ceremony of the late Iniubong Umoren in Nung Ita, Ikot Essien, Oruk Anam Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

The sympathisers and friends of the murdered Iniubong, the Philosophy graduate of University of Uyo, wept uncontrollably and rained curses on the alleged perpetrator of the heinous crime at the funeral on Friday.

The 26-year-old was lured, abducted and later murdered by one Uduak Akpan who later buried her in a shallow grave in his father’s compound at Nung Ikono Ufok in Uruan Local Government Area.

The deceased was said to have left her house on Thursday, April 29, 2021, for a job interview in the killer’s village, Uruan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State before she was hacked to death over the phony job.

At the funeral service conducted by Faith Tabernacle, Ikot Ibritam District, Iniubong’s friends took turns to speak at the funeral, calling on God to avenge the death of the slain job seeker.

At the lying in state, her family and friends wept uncontrollably, describing the death of Iniubong Umoren as a great loss.

Her elder sister, Iffy Ephraimite described Iniubong as her best friend, confidant who was hardworking, honest and outspoken.

“I and Iniubong had cordial relationship as sisters. It’s painful that she was cut in her prime. I feel bad that she has to go this day. She knows how to fix things, a very good coordinator and a strategist. I pray God to give Iniubong justice,” she said.

Commenting on the funeral, Harrison Essien, a journalist with Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Service), Uyo, wrote ”When Iniubong Ephraim Umoren, a 26-year-old graduate of Philosophy from the University of Uyo, left her home in Uyo, full of life,… little did she know that the man who invited her for the job offer, will end up taking her life.

”And so, as innocent she was and in dire need of a job to keep her busy until when she was called up for the National Youth Service, Iniubong paid her way to meet her supposed job provider, not knowing that the heart of a man is desperately wicked.

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”After making several calls to locate the venue of the supposed job interview, Iniubong finally arrived the ancient village of Nung Ikono Ufok, her first time of being to the community and met the man, Uduak Frank Akpan, for the first time of her life.

”But instead of discussing the job, which he used to lure Iniubong to his residence, Uduak who claimed to be 20 years old, pound on Iniubong and raped the orphan, hitting her on the head, and leaving her to die in the pool of blood.

”Having known that his victim has died, Uduak dug a shallow grave and buried Iniubong and left the village immediately,’’ Essien penned on his Facebook timeline.

Meanwhile, Ibanga Isine, the Managing Director, Next Edition Newspapers carpeted @That charade of a press briefing by Uduak Akpan and Akwa Ibom CP.

”This is a very sad development and no one should make any capital from it.

”But the Akwa Ibom State Police command did not rehearse very well before they acted the movie that just ended a few minutes ago.

”The self-confessed killer is being given something close to a VIP treatment.

”He came out fresh, well-fed and spotting a beautiful T-shirt and rested comfortably on a blue plastic chair.

He exuded a world-class confidence and sits like someone who is just visiting the police station to answer a few questions and will soon hit the road back home.

He gave a narrative that is almost at variance with what the CP, Police PRO, Uruan LG chairman and Kufre Effiong have said at different times.

While he admitted he didn’t rape Iniubong, he managed to admit that she agreed to a consensual 3ex but became violent suddenly and hit him on the head with a stabiliser when he brought out a condom.

He claimed he bled but there is no wound anywhere on his head or any part of his body, including the finger he said Iniubong gave him a bite.

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While his encounter that led to Iniubong’s death was consensual sex, he managed to admit that he has raped six other girls in a similar way.

He wears a T shirt with an inscription, “Mudder Squad,” a veiled term for Murder Squad by gangsters.

That is apparently an indication that he is into the act of murder or the shirt is emblematic of his group and what they do.

I would have loved him to name the girls he had hosted in his infamous job interviews given the number of women who have come out to talk about how he violated them and how his family members are accomplices to what he does.

It seems the rehearsal Uduak got wasn’t effective or he forgot his lines and made a mess of so many things.

I was shocked the CP said the shallow graves which my reporter saw and recorded are mere yam holes.

The last has not been heard about this disgusting tale. I urge all Nigerians who love justice to come together and provide a platform for sharing data and information on this crime and others that might have been committed by Uduak Akpan, his gang and sponsors.

I am open to collaboration.

May the soul of the departed find rest but may those who cause her departure never know peace of a press briefing by Uduak Akpan and Akwa Ibom CP,’’ Isine wished.