How Money Transformed Amputee Woman Hawker To Near ‘Beauty Queen’

Mary Daniels straightnews
Mary Daniels

The amputee woman hawker, whose story touched the humane hearts and encouraged philanthropists to part with money, has been transformed into a near ‘beauty queen,’ a case of what little money can do, much money can do even better.

Mary Daniels who marked her 27th birthday looks resplendent and gorgeous as photo shots have confirmed.

In March 2021, a photo of a hawker standing on one leg with her crutches supporting her on the other side and clutching pure water on another hand went viral in the social media, subsequently touching the hearts of many philanthropists.

In a few days, more than N14 million was raised for the hardworking woman who would not let her condition tie her down.

Last week, Lagos State Government said it has taken over the welfare of the hawker who is also a single mother.

It was also revealed that the state government has provided temporary shelter for her.

During her 27th birthday, some kind-hearted Nigerians gave her photo shots complete with professional makeup and styling.

The result is breathtaking and amazing, transforming a struggling person to look like a super woman.