Hackers Make Mincemeat Of Nigerian Official Websites

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Hackers are making mincemeat of official websites in Nigeria.

The hacking is claimed to be done by the Anonymous, a group of International hackers in its coordinated cyberattacks against the Nigerian government in support of #EndSARS.

The official website of the Central Bank of Nigeria came under cyber attack Friday night by Anonymous, a group of foreign Internet activists protesting police brutality in the country.

The group, prominent for hacking repressive government’s website, earlier announced its decision to attack federal government agencies’ websites in solidarity with the protesters clamouring for the reformation of the Nigerian police.

However, CBN has denied that its webiste was not hacked, according to a statement from the institution’s official twitter handle.

When news broke that the bank’s site could have been hacked, we visited it and saw this prompt

PREMIUM TIMES, on Thursday, reported how the official website of the Nigeria Police Force has been infiltrated after the group hacked into its database on Thursday.

Afterwards, the group released documents containing names, addresses, contacts and account details of hundreds of police officers on a text storage website, pastebin.com.

On Friday, the hackers announced that they had gained access to the Twitter account of National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) via the victim-agency’s account. They also posted #EndSARS protest materials on the agency’s twitter timeline.

“We #Anonymous will continue supporting Nigerians,” the hackers said in a message posted to NBC’s handle.

The official website of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has been hacked.

The website which was reportedly built with N1.5 billion was attacked on Saturday morning, October 17, just a few hours after the website of the Central Bank of Nigeria became inaccessible.

However, INEC at the moment is yet to explain what happened to the website, reports..

“#Nigeria: International hackers & Anonymous continue the cyber campaign against the government to call out corruption, demand police reform, and show solidarity with brave protestors. #OpNigeria #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #ReformTheNigerianPolice”

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The group of anonymous hackers has carried out similar coordinated attacks in the United States, Israel, Tunisia, Uganda and some other countries. Its motto is simply “we are anonymous.”

The group is allegedly doing in solidarity with protesters against police brutality. So far, the protest has been largely peaceful protest is being staged in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and other major cities in the country.

It has also gone beyond the police as Nigerians seized the opportunity to address major accountability issues such as seeking reduction in the allowance of lawmakers and improvement in all sectors.

But report from Edo State indicated that some hoodlums killed two protesters in Benin City.