God Uses COVID-19 To Judge Leaders Over Their Illusive Behaviour To Electorate- Clergyman

John Okoriko
John Okoriko

A clergyman says God is using the COVID-19 pandemic to testify against world, especially Nigerian leaders over their illusive behaviour to their subjects.

Preaching in Inspiration FM (105.9), Uyo on Sunday, Senior Apostle John Okoriko, founder of Solid Rock Kingdom Church, Akwa Ibom State, said during electioneering campaigns, Nigerian leaders would pledge to provide basic infrastrutures if voted into power.

Okoriko said after the elections, the political leaders would ditch those promises and concentrate in amassing wealth for their self-aggrandisement, saying God is using the virus to testify against bad leadership in the country.

According to him, “They will not build and equip hospitals in their states, but will travel overseas for medical tourism. They will not provide employment opportunities for their citizens. They will not use public funds to develop the country or states but will use such resources to satisfy their extravagant lifestyles. Yet, their citizens will be crying and be lacking the basic amenities.

“I thank God for coronavirus. It will make the leaders to be serious with themselves. Without it, most of them would have travelled to overseas for one business and trip or the other. But the pandemic lockdown has caught up them. Everybody is asked to stay in his village, city, state or country. There is no movement, but we are asked to maintain social distancing.

“This is a wake-up call for our leaders to use this period to fix basic infrastructures and right their wrongs in governance. If they do not do so now, they should not forget that a worse pandemic may come. Where will they run to? Since I was born, I have seen pandemics, but I have not seen the one that has brought everything in the world to a standstill. I have not seen pandemic in which lockdown is imposed and aeroplanes are stopped from flying. People are asked not to go out. Friends and relations are asked to stay apart. Can you imagine it?” he lamented.

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The clergyman thanked God that the dreaded virus did not originate from Africa, otherwise other races would have mocked the Africans, praying for an end to the pandemic that has wreaked homes and economy and other sectors.