Four-Year-Old Cancer Patient Died Despite NGO’s N1.2m Aid


The death of a four-old girl from Lagos State threw the family into deep mourning, yet the Non-Governmental Organisation that raised money for her treatment has put aside the trauma to do more for others in similar health condition.

Little Kehinde Adewumi had cancer but donate-ng raised N1.2 million from crowdfunding (It is a way of raising finance by asking a large number of people each for a small amount of money).

Narrating the story during the ongoing Social Media Week 2020 in Lagos on Thursday, Olubukola Anjorin, Business Support Manager of donate-ng, said the NGO raised and handed over the money to the gril’s family.

In a lecture entitled: The Art of Crowdfunding, Anjorin narrated that “We saw her picture (as posted by in Linderikeji) in her blog. We picked it from there. We got the telephone number of the mother, and followed up. The mother confirmed the story and sent her picture to us.

“We used social media and reached out to many kind-hearted people who sent money to us in a period of less than 30 days and we sent it to the family. The then three-year-old girl was flown abroad. Treatment was done and she was brought back. I used to visit the family. Unfortunatley, after one year, she died.”

“We do not feel distraught because of the tragedy. We are encouraged to raise more funds using crowdfunding for people in similar health conditions,” he added.