Exclusive: A Retired Consultant Gynaecologist In A’Ibom Earns N9,000 As Monthly Pension

Jerry Charles Ekop
Jerry Charles Ekop

A retired consultant gynaecologist is said to be collecting a paltry N9,000 as a monthly pension from Akwa Ibom State government.

Mr. Jerry Charles Akpan, the Chairman of Nigeria Union of Pensioners, Abak branch who in an exclusive interview with Straightnews publisher said the medical doctor (name withheld) retired on Grade Level 16 as a gynecologist from the state civil service some years ago.

Akpan, a pharmacist and a retired civil servant, also said some pensioners collect N2,000 or less than N1,000 as a monthly pension.

He, therefore, called on the state government to harmonise the monthly pensions to enable many pensioners to cope with the prevailing, harsh economic realities of the country.

Akpan who lauded the state government for implementing New Minimum Wage, but called on the government to consider the implementation of New Minimum Pension for retirees.

“Well, we were still talking about that when they changed it to what they call ‘minimum pension’. Instead of harmonising, they are saying minimum pension because pension is also as a minimum wage.

“I would have preferred harmonisation to minimum pension. If I tell you what I go home with as I am staying here, you will weep. There’s someone who retired as a consultant gynaecologist in the state, who goes home with as low as N9,000. There are people who even go home with N2,000,” the chairman said.