ESCAPE – Episodes VI & VII



The next day, while we were still in our hotel room, awaiting further instructions from Lady T, we were paid a surprise visit by Miss Bella. We were all excited to see a familiar face and we felt comfortable. But, she looked different this time, instead of her usual smile; she wore a business kind of look.

“You have visitors, ladies.” Bella announced to us.

We all looked at each other, wondering who knew us in Abuja, to want to come and visit us, when we should be going back to Lagos instead.

Bella went out of the room to bring in the supposed visitors. We all got up immediately to dress up properly.

About five men entered the room. Three were wearing agbadas and two were dressed in suits, looking like businessmen. We were scared, as we retreated into the room.

Bella went in after the men. This time, she wore a reassuring smile, but that did not calm us.

“Please sit down ladies. These men saw you all working at the event yesterday, and they liked your hard work, and so, they will like to take you out this evening for a date. Gentlemen, these are the ladies you requested for. They will be available for grabs this evening. I hope they are to your taste?”

The men nodded their heads, as their eyes rove over our half covered bodies greedily. One of the men in agbada handed over a brown suitcase to Bella right in front of us and said.

“That is the payment for them. I hope they won’t disappoint us this evening?”

“Certainly not sir. It was wonderful doing business with you sirs. I would show you the way out.” She said, as she led them out of the room.



We all looked at ourselves, as realization just dawned us. Bella was being paid by the men for them to sleep with us. We had just been sold into prostitution without our consent.

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“Oh God, please don’t allow this to happen to me. I didn’t come here to be a prostitute; I only came here to work as an usher,” Mary, one of the girls, whined as she cried silently.

Bella came in immediately; her face immediately assuming that business-like countenance.

“Girls, you will all have to get ready. Those gentlemen will come to pick each of you this evening to accompany him as a date.”

“When are we going back to Lagos, please? We were told that we were going to leave a day after the event was over,” Thelma asked looking terrified.

“Well, the event is not over yet. It still continues this evening, but in another form. After that, you are free to leave anytime you want,” Bella replied looking nonchalant.

“But you did not tell us that this was part of the deal. You did not tell us that we were coming to Abuja to join prostitution too. Or was the ushering job all a disguise?” I asked looking incredulous and angry at the same time.

Bella frowned at my question.

“You better watch your tongue young lady. Why did you think we want to pay you ladies huge amount of money for a mere ushering job? After you go out with those men, you will be paid N80,000 as your remaining payment, and you will go on a flight back to Lagos, all these will be sponsored by us. What do you have to lose? You better cooperate or you will face the consequences,” She threatened us with a mean look on her face.

“What about the two guys who worked with us? Do they even know what this is all about?” I asked again not caring if I was playing with the lion’s tail.

Bella laughed wickedly at my question, and just then, I got the answer to my question.


“Those two guys are part of our organization. They help us to recruit young girls like you. They were there to make you girls less suspicious and to trust us. So, you see, you have no choice but to cooperate, since you are all stranded. I am very sure you don’t have any money on you, and there is no way for you all to go back to Lagos without any money on you. See you later ladies.”

With that Bella left the room. To our horror, we heard the lock on the door click. One of us, ran to the door and tries to open the door, but the door was locked.