EPL: Prize Money For Clubs In 2020/2021 Season Out

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EPL teams

English Premiership League has released prize money for the 2020/2021 season.

Manchester City clinched this season’s Premier League title, with weeks to spare.

Despite their success this season, it has been revealed their prize money actually went down this year compared to what Liverpool got last year for winning the premier league.

According to The Times, City netted £163 million for their efforts this campaign- made up of their £123 million ‘equal share’ payment given to every club in this season’s Premier League -and then a further £40 million for winning the title.

Runners-up Manchester United pocketed £38 million, meaning their overall total was £161 million.

However, last season’s champions Liverpool received £177 million for winning the 2019-20 title – £14 million more than City earned this year.

And even City themselves were awarded more last year despite only coming second, pocketing £175 million in 2019-20.

Last season there was a £79 million gap between the £177 million handed to champions Liverpool and bottom-placed Norwich’s £98 million.

This year, that gap reduced to £38 million, with bottom side Sheffield United earning £125 million compared to City’s £163 million.