SOKAPU To Drag Gov El-rufai Before United Nations

Jonathan Asake

The Southern Kaduna Peoples’ Union (SOKAPU) has vowed to drag Kaduna Governor Nasir El-rufai before United Nations for committing over what it described as ‘genocide and other atrocities.’

Jonathan Asake, the (SOKAPU) new President speaking with Saturday Sun correspondent said “Certainly! That’s the beauty of the world we are living in now. It’s no longer in the dark days that people will commit genocide or other atrocities and go scot-free.”

Asake who was answering if he would report the purported genocide to the United Nations said “The world is watching what is happening in southern Kaduna and they know the agenda of the governor. The governor openly told the international election observers during the 2019 elections that they would return in ‘body bags’ if they misrepresent the 2019 election.”

He stated that the armed invaders have overrun several of their communities, and killed more than 400 people from January to July in Southern Kaduna.

“Figures so far indicate that over 104 communities in four local government areas, namely; Kajuru, Chukun, Kaura and Zango Kataf, have been displaced. We are still compiling the number of the deaths in these locations. The figure we got as at two weeks ago indicated that over 400 were killed between January and July.

“Some communities have not sent in their own details. So, we will come up with the exact figures as soon as possible. For instance, in Chukun local government, 38 schools have not had a teacher for years. Most of them have been closed down,” he stated.

On the killings having the support of the authorities, the President said “It’s obvious they enjoy backing from the state government. The utterances and actions of the state governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, indicate that he’s backing them, openly or otherwise. He justifies every attack; blames the communities and their leaders for it. He neither condemns, sympathizes nor visits the affected people to assess the level of destruction. His body language, obviously, indicates that the aggressors enjoy his cover.

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“Fulani aggressors in Southern Kaduna communities move with AK47 rifles and other weapons openly and nobody dares to challenge them. They take pleasure in unleashing terror on our people. Many of our people have been displaced for years now. Every local government has its own peculiarity. For instance, in Kaura local government, Zangan district in Atakar chiefdom has nine communities and these attackers have chased them all out in the past three years.

“Several other communities in different local governments have suffered same fate. In all these, the governor is yet to recognize that these people are now IDPs in their own ancestral land, not to talk of taking relief materials to them,” Asake added.