Ekpań Nkukwo

Ekpang Nkukwo - Traditional Delicacy
Ekpang Nkukwo - Traditional Delicacy

Ekpań Nkukwo is a traditional delicacy that is common among the people of Akwa Ibom and Cross River States of Nigeria. The name is derived from the admixture of grated cocoyam and water yam wrapped with cocoyam leaf to produce differently delicious meal. It is food which has high nutritional values and is rich in protein, vitamins, carbohydrate, calcium and phosphorous.

Its recipes include cocoyam, cocoyam leaf, water yam, fresh pepper, shrimps, stockfish, dry fish and kpomo (cow skin). Others are crayfish, salt, palm oil, periwinkle, bonga fish, curry leaf and scent leaf.

To cook ekpań nkukwo, one has to peel cocoyam and water yam. Wash and grate the two. Mix the two with a pinch of salt, pour a little palm oil into a pot. Sprinkle your washed and cooked periwinkle into a pot. Wrap the mixture with cocoyam leaf, arrange it orderly and put it together with periwinkle into a pot. Put on fire and allow it to burn gradually. Add hot water to steam it up.

Cook till the cocoyam leaf changes colour to brown. Add your protein and other ingredients needed, stir it to enable it to congeal for better taste. Add much water and allow the food to boil properly and so that it does not burn. Cover the pot gently. Add palm oil and leave it to cook well. Add your vegetable and stir it again. After a while, bring down the pot, dish the food and serve while it is hot.