Ekiti Elections: ‘When I see People Mocking Gov. Fayose, I Laugh’- Omokri

Reno Omokri
Reno Omokri

After the victory of Dr. Kayode Fayemi of All Progressives Congress, APC, in the Ekiti governorship polls, a Nigerian social media commentator and critic has told Ekiti people to shine their eyes against some tragedies that have befallen some APC states in the country.

However, Ayodele Fayose as the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, governor has been resisting open-grazing method in Ekiti and has been carpeting President Muhammadu Buhari administration on Farmers/Herdsmen clashes that have led to countless deaths of innocent and defenceless Nigerians.

Though APC/PDP states are vulnerable to the herdsmen attacks, most APC-dominated states: Adamawa, Benue, Nassarawa, Kaduna, Kogi, Plateau and Zamfara, among others and a PDP Taraba State have in recent times turned to killing fields by the suspected herdsmen.

Reno Omokri, a one-time presidential aide to Goodluck Jonathan in his Twitter handle Sunday wrote ‘’Seeing as you will now have an APC Governor, be wise. Keep resisting the following as you did under Fayose.

*Cattle colonies

*Herdsmen Attack.

Omokri sounded a note of warning to them, ‘’Remember, Ekiti is beyond APC/PDP. Never forget Gov.fayose’s sacrifice for you because they will go after him.’’

He satirically stated ‘’When I see people mocking @GovAyoFayose I laugh. Fayose made his mark in Nigeria. Ekiti is one state that has so far escaped herdsmen killings. Instead of mocking him, look at your state. Has your own Governor protected you from herdsmen killing. If not, then the joke is on you!

‘’Mocking @GovAyoFayose and blaming PDP’s loss on his owing salary stems from mental laziness. 34 states owe salary due to our faulty federation. Only Lagos & Anambra don’t owe. At least Fayose protected his people from herdsmen. Rochas is owing salary while he was building statues!

‘’You mock Fayose, meanwhile in the last 3 years: * Nigeria lost 11 million jobs * We overtook India as world headquarters of extreme poverty * More Nigerians died from herdsmen than those killed in Afghanistan * We have more out of school children than the population of Benin!’’

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Responding to a criticism by one of his followers on the Twitter, he queried ‘’You still believe this propaganda? PDP has killer squads? Killer squads that Jonathan could not use. That @GovAyoFayose could not use. Herdsmen have been killing your fellow countrymen around the country, but in your mind it is PDP that has killer squads!

‘’Oh, you think I am not aware that you are from Ogun state? Not only have herdsmen killed multiple in your state (Ogun), they also sacked several schools. Any interested party can @Google it. Let’s be fair. Give @GovAyoFayose his due. He protected his people.’’

He alleged that ‘’Ekiti’s election was NOT free and fair. It was more of a federal military invasion than an election. Even with APC’s questionable victory, I remind Buhari of history: PDP WON Ekiti’s gubernatorial election in 2014 but LOST the 2015 Presidential election. It is yet Uhuru for PMB!

Recall that during the July 14 governorship election in Ekiti State, the Federal government deployed more than 30,000 security personnel, as well as two helicopters, 250 patrol vehicles and five Armoured Personnel Carriers to the state.