Dubai Mall Displays World’s Most Expensive Perfume Till March 30


Dubai which is synonymous with luxury is now home to the world’s most expensive perfume, reported Cosmopolitan.

The ‘royal’ perfume Shumukh is embellished with diamonds, pearls and gold and costs a whopping $1.29 million.

Shumukh translates to ‘deserving the highest’ in Arabic. It is being exhibited at Fashion Avenue at the Dubai Mall till March 30.

The perfume is for both men and women and lasts for 12 hours. It has been created from organic materials like imported sandalwood, musk, Turkish rose, Patchouli, Ylang-Ylang and pure Indian agarwood.

Its bottle has been crafted with 3,571 diamonds, topaz, 18 karat gold and pure silver.

A product of The Spirit of Dubai Parfumes, it has been designed by Asghar Adam Al and holds Guinness World Record titles for the ‘most diamonds set on a perfume bottle’ and the ‘tallest remote-controlled fragrance spray product’.