This is to inform the general public that Mr. Lanre Usanga, whose photograph appears above, is a fraudster.

Usanga, who uses a pseudo name- Joseph Smart- operated at 267, Oron Road, Mbiabong, opposite Customs Quarters, Uyo, under the business name: Marita Int’l Company, has ingeniously defrauded unsuspecting members of the public.  He is an indigene of Etinan local government area of Akwa Ibom state while his mother is of the Yoruba tribe. He is fluent in Yoruba and English languages.

On January 2, 2018, Usanga signed a contract with Straightnews, an online newspaper with office in Uyo, to make certain updates on the website. He was paid the agreed amount. Three months later, the newspaper reported the matter to police at Shelter Afrique, Uyo since he failed to keep to the terms of agreement. At the station, he in company of a lawyer showed up and accepted to the deal and agreed to do the updates.

Failure to keep to the terms of agreement compelled the publisher to report the matter to Okuku Chambers at 1 Ukana Ada Ita Street, Uyo. Usanga was served with a notice of appearance and he agreed in writing to refund the money to the law firm on some instalments. Realising the implication of defaulting to hold his own side of the bargain one month after, he secretly moved his property from the office without the knowledge of the landlady and eloped with the money till now.

Mr. Usanga

Let it be known that Straightnews is not the only victim of his fraudulent acts. Let Nigerian police, EFCC and corporate Affairs take note and track this fraudster to serve as a deterrent to others. Anyone with useful information on how to track him should kindly contact Emah on 07064522185. Thanks.