#COVID-19: Black People Are Really Suffering In China- Cries Nigerian Student


Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a Nigerian female student in China has decried the inhuman treatment meted to the blacks by the Chinese government.

The student (name withheld) who took to her Twitter handle to recount her sad experiences, few days after a video went viral how blacks including Nigerians in China are being kicked out their hotel rooms and were subjected to compulsory COVID-19 tests.

She tweeted “I don’t have a problem going under quarantine or staying indoors for long, but the target only of people is demeaning. I see racist comments and posts towards black people from China and I have fears.

“I hope all this will end, my fears too. There are thousands of Chinese in African countries walking/working freely now without being forced like we are doing over here. The Nigerian government isn’t taking more action to this.”

“No human deserves to be treated this way. The pressure is too much. The hate is too much.  Black people are really suffering. Students also are not excluded in this case. I hope things get better soon. China shouldn’t blame Africans.

“I am under surveillance, directed not to go outside. What did we Africans do to deserve this? Why can’t all Chinese people also go under quarantine? I pray I don’t get kicked after 14 days. By the way, I was forced to be tested.

“All I want, and always want is to finish my education. I motivate myself to push on. Now lots of black students are indoors. Some of their landlords have asked them to move out. I appreciate everyone that has reached out to me and nice re-assuring comments. I feel better. This too shall pass,” the student added.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019.