Chief Udonsek Debunks Wilfera Dredging CEO’s Claims


…Says Wilfera is a Blackmailer, Fraudster seeking to defraud his company

.. Warns him on attempt to pitch him Against Udom, Ephraim Inyang

By Koko Robson

The Chief Executive Officer, Beijing Jindixin Sheng Company Limited(BJCC), Chief Sunny Udonsek, has described as unfounded, malicious and defamatory a publication in a local tabloid, The Ink, of Tuesday, 1st October, 2019 by one Mr. Wilfera Era Odiete.

Mr Wilfera Odiete who is the CEO, Wilfera Dredging and Marine Services Limited (WDMSLTD) had in the said publication accused Chief Udonsek among other things of breeching the terms of contract he signed with his company, hiring thugs to cause ‘horror’ at the project site and making degrading statements against the Akwa Ibom state governor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel and Works commissioner, Mr. Ephraim Inyang-Eyin.

In a swift reaction to Mr Odiete’s claims, the BJCC boss said he contracted Wilfera Odiete as a subcontractor to his project site at Akpabom, ONNA local government area but was disappointed when he discovered that the pace at which Odiete engaged the work could cause his company (BJCC) spend many years in the site with little or no success, thus he decided to terminate the contract with him after many months of Odiete’s faiure to deliver on the project as he had promised, a decision which he said angered Mr Wilfera Odiete to resort to blackmail and media onslaught against him.

Chief Udonsek also disclosed how Mr Wilfera reported him to Inspector general of Police, the paramount ruler of ONNA and the state commissioner for Works whom he said, sent his team to the site to inspect and measure the work done by Wilfera. He said he is awaiting the results of the measurement from the ministry of works.

The visibly provoked BJCC boss described Wilfera as a blackmailer and fraudster whose ulterior motives were to defraud his company of huge cash by producing a fraudulent invoice to his bank and make away with the money as well as dent his image by pitching him against the person of the governor and the works commissioner. He advised WDMSLTD man to desist forth with in his attempt to defame and smear his name in the mud.

In his word: How can I say the governor and the commissioner are my boys? The governor is the governor and the commissioner the commissioner. Is the commissioner working under me? Hon. Ephraim Inyang is a very dynamic man who knows what he want to do and how to do it. He’s a man of his own. How can such a man be anybody’s boy, not even to talk about a governor of the whole state.

He(Wilfera)came to me and told me he has €36,000,000(Thirty-six million Euros) which borrowed from bank to invest in the project which in turn will earn him a profit and he will make returns to the bank. So I said okay, if you have that amount of money, it is enough to finish the project.

He told me he needs Irrevocable Standing Payment Order(ISPO)to present to enable the bank to release the money. I wrote the ISPO and handed over to Wilfera which he (Wilfera) went away and altered all the contents of ISPO and used it to deceive my manager who signed it for him.

He said he was going to finish the whole work in 3 months, so we told him to mobilize to project site within 15 days , failure of which BJCC would terminate the contract.
He disappeared few days after he singned the agreement and came back after 5 months and told me that he travelled.

He begged me for more than 2 weeks that he was now ready to work since the money has finally been given to him. So I decided to give him another chance to do the work with an agreement which was not covered in the ISPO because we agreed that I will be calculating what he does and pay him. He couldn’t even do it because he only succeeded in constructing 1.6km drainage.

Wilfera went and terminated an invoice base on the first agreement which was not covered in the ISPO to enable him withdraw 247M from WEMA bank.

He is presenting an invoice of N247M but the work he has done is less than N25M. So he should bring an invoice that justifies the work he has done.

Everyone knows BJCC is a very prudent, reliable and transparent company. I don’t cheat anyone. Government have their system and if you want to work with the government, you must adapt to their system. So if the government pay me, I will pay you. So you have to work. The government will tell you if you don’t have the capacity, don’t come. You have to show capacity by making a milestone in your project site before the government will pay you to go on. You are paid according to the work you are doing. If you work, you get paid. Wilfera has no business with how much the government pay BJCC. He is a subcontractor and I pay him according to the work he does.

So I said if I should wait for this man, will wait for 10 years without constructing 2km of road. So I told him to get out of my site and that’s how he started fighting me.

There is no one he has not reported me to. He reported me to the commissioner for works whom he now says I said is my boy; he reported me to the state house of assembly and also to the paramount ruler of my local government area.