Certificate Saga: Buhari’s Gambit May Demean Presidency


Muhammadu Buhari’s shuffling of certificates looks like old-cloth story. From Cambridge certificate in 1961 to attestation certificate of West African Examination Council (WAEC) in 2018.

Even the Cambridge result tendered to Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in 2015 left with questions than answers Now, the another gambit in 2018 purported to woo voters. Still, many questions than answers still rock the WAEC attestation result given to him. Many observations keep many tongues wagging.

He had consistently told Nigerians indeed INEC that his certificate was with the secretary, Military Board. Not wanting to be drawn into the quagmire, the military authority came out and told the world that Buhari never joined the Army with WASC as assumed.

Going… Going… Going… Not the man- Buhari but the presidency is a facing a serious integrity challenge. This tends to demean the Presidency in the face of international community.

Reactions have continued to trail the presentation of attestation certificate and confirmation of WAEC result to President Muhammadu Buhari by the West African Examination Council (WAEC), based in Ghana. Nigerians on social media have keenly followed the events leading up to the presentation of an attestation certificate to President Muhammadu Buhari and have not taken it kindly…

Message….Today I received the attestation and confirmation of my 1961 West African School Certificate (WASC) Examination result, from the Registrar of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC). It was also an opportunity for me to thank WAEC for upholding its integrity over the years.

Femi Aribisala @femiaribisala

In 2014, PMB said he took a Cambridge University UCLES exam. In 2018, this has changed to WASC. WAEC is not the legacy successor of UCLES. The legacy successor is Cambridge Assessment. In 2014, WAEC denied ever conducting exams in north Nigeria in 1961

PDP Nat’l Youth Frontier @PDPNYF

At 49, Gowon got his PhD. At 80, Obasanjo got his PhD. At 75, Buhari is still looking for his WAEC Certificate. And they said he means well for Nigeria when he does not even mean well for himself.
He only thrives in Fraud.

Baba had B3 in history in the WAEC result he showed us in 2015, he has A1 in 2018, he wrote Mathematics in 2015 and Mathematics has disappeared in 2018. He’s an old fraud and the country is banter material.


Yahoo boys are learning when compared to @MBuhari and @WAECNigeria. @officialEFCC is arresting the wrong people. What magic is this? Same WAEC that officially wrote that they have no record of Buhari sitting for School Certificate suddenly abracadabras a certificate!

This is how the Cambridge University Local Examinations Syndicate-administered WAEC school certificate that Buhari said he had in 1961 looks like. If Buhari wants it, he should apply to Cambridge Assessment, the successor to CULES, and he will get his certificate within 28 days.

Igala_King @I_Am_Ilemona

Pic 1: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on WAEC website. Read No 18

Pic 2: Answers to FAQ on WAEC website. Read No 18.
Pic 3: @MBuhari‘s reissued “certificate”

These people don’t rate us at all

Notan Onymous @Tyekooon