Centenarians Married For 76 Years Die 6 Hours Apart

Maritim Biwott Arap Tuwei, Ruth Maritim straighnews
Maritim Biwott Arap Tuwei, Ruth Maritim

Centenarian Kenyans who were married for 76 years reportedly died six hours apart.

Maritim Biwott Arap Tuwei and wife Ruth Maritim from Kapseret constituency reportedly married traditionally in 1946.

Tuwei died at 107, while his wife, Maritim, passed away at 100.

The two had made a vow and even informed their children that they would both ‘sleep’ when their time comes, and no one will be left behind.

Tuko reported that as their time came on Friday, July 23, Ruth passed on around 9 p.m. followed by Tuwei at 2.a.m.

David Maritim, the fifth son of the couple, who also doubles as the family chairperson told the publication that their parents died as they had wished while still alive.

The family chairperson also revealed that his father woke up three times in the night to answer the call of nature and at 2am after going back to the house, he slept, never to wake up again.

David said “He woke up three times in the night to answer the call of nature and at 2 a.m. after going back to the house, he went and slept, never to wake up again. We realised that he had passed after one of the immediate members of the family went to check on him only to give feedback that he was no more.”

Recounting, Bishop William Maritim, one of the sons said their father one week ago, made a passionate appeal to his children to come home so that he could talk to them, though this never materialised.

Bishop William said “They would wake up at 2 a.m and begin talking to each other. Theirs was true love and friendship that was unmatched.

“He called us insisting that we should all regroup at our home adding that there was a special message they wanted to share together with our mother. Unfortunately due to unavoidable circumstances, not all members turned up, leading him to postpone the meeting to a later date.”

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The clergyman also revealed that attempts to dissuade his parents against the thought of dying together were met with resistance.

He said “I have always told them that their thoughts were full of false prophecies, but they could not hear. My mother would always come to the defence, insisting that she will abide by what our father had pre-empted with respect and honour.”

The two love birds will be laid to rest on Wednesday, August 4, at their Megun home.

David said; “They have always maintained that their deaths will be unique in such a way that both of them will die at the same time.

”Their stand on these sentiments did not mean a lot to our family because we knew they were joking about the matter with dad always insisting that if he happened to die, he will be ‘accompanied’ by his wife, the reality of their untimely demise has hit us hard.”

“While outside, she began shaking massively before dying. Her demise saw immediate family members around her break into wails that attracted the attention of our father who was inside the house.

”We had to lie to him that our mother had fallen sick and had been rushed to hospital but was stable in health,” he added.