Calls For Saraki’s Probe For Alleged Funding Of 2015 Buhari’s Election Heightened

Bukola Saraki
Bukola Saraki

Some Nigerians have made off-putting comments, heightening calls for a probe of Dr. Bukola Saraki, Nigeria’s Senate President on alleged spending of more than N9 billion in 30 Nigerian states during the 2015 electioneering campaign of Muhammadu Buhari as an All Progressives Congress presidential candidate.

Kwara APC tweeted “So Saraki spent 300m/400m each for 30 states prior to 2015 hoping to get a list of appointments in return. That’s like 9Billion Naira Kwara Money on his personal interest.”

This is even as Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP), a non-governmental organisation, called on Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to investigate Billions ‘Spent By Saraki’ During Buhari’s Campaign In 2015.

Reacting in their Twitter handles, OY Matau Tebu queried “Y will people be calling money like this as though it was sand? And now debating 30k! It’s quite offensive I must say.”

Isaac Omonoju lamented “It’s just unfortunate walahi. The saddest part is our gullibility as a people to still consider them in 2019 and possibly vote them.”

Godwin Asuquo prayed “Our God is beginning to expose them.

Sàràkí need to be jailed. Maybe other looters will now have sense.”

One James tweeted “Why did Buhari accept him to spend the money? Buhari is corrupt to the marrows too.”

On his part, Emmanuel Maduneme sought “On what did he actually spend the money?. He should be questioned as quickly as possible, That’s Kwarans’ sweat and Commonwealth.”

Selim Hassan Yusuf oted “When d state was owing months of salaries…”

John Ogwuche regretted “”Nigeria’s politics is all about personal interest, I thought we all should have known that by now.”

Olofinlade Ayodeji wondered “Imagine how many viable SMEs 9bill will create in kwara state. But again those he was speaking to are gullible not to ask questions but praise him as if he created any jobs while he was the Gov. Truly Saraki #GrewKwara and wants to #GrowNigeria.”

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Kayode Vexless wrote “And yet all those IYA arugbo will carry Gelle “anlo ile oloye” to collect 2kg of semo and #100. Can’t blame them either because their educated sons and daughters are gullible and so failed to educate their granny. One place is a no go area for Saraki in kwara its Idi-Ape.”

Son of Easy tweeted “We are done for in this country! What does this man do to support his bogus life style and spending aside politics? I’m so sorry,it just occur to me I didn’t factor in the “Offa robber”,budget padding and Kwara state funds. OMG”

Abdulkadir Oladimeji said “Imagine @bukolasaraki saying this, a so called leader for that matter. ….and his constituency people are there severing and dieing in silence. Any ways thank God 2019 is around the corner. …my PVC will do the justice….shikena.”