Bravo! Exemplar Etekamba Umoren Is 60

Sir Etekamba Umoren
Sir Etekamba Umoren

60 Years is gone.

Six decades long.

Yet, you stay young, strong

Sir, you are a perfect example of one

Who makes lemonade out of every

Lemon and finds the silver lining in

Every cloud

Your love for the people, diligence at

Every task and magnanimity cannot

Go unnoticed.

You, indeed, are a

Blessing to your generation.

As you celebrate this peak of Age today

We wish that life bears marvelous measure of the fruit of goodness

You have sown in loving

And rendering altruistic services to the government and humanity in Akwa Ibom and beyond.

Bravo! Ideal Etekamba

Cheers! Faithful Public Servant

We wish you happy 60th birthday party and many happy returns.


Straightnews Management