Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water


Sunday David, 38, is an indigene of Ikot Ekpe in Mkpat Enin Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. But he lives in Uyo close to the Ibibio Museum along Udo Udoma Avenue. He hawks fresh coconut fruits. To Him, coconut water is “heavenly drink.”

Slim but short David is a coconut hawker. He peddles the business to eke out a living for himself and his family. According to him, “I use rope to climb a coconut tree. Armed with a matchet, I pluck coconut fruits. I put them in the wheel barrow and hawk them to interested buyers along some streets in Uyo.”

StraightNews roving reporter met David, the coconut fruit hawker, who declared “I sell these fruits every day. If you want to eat the fruit, I cut the coconut seed and give you the water to drink. After, I remove the seed and give to you to eat.”

To Ndifreke Asuquo, 35, from Ikot Akpaetok in Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Area, hawking coconut fruits is a thriving business to him. “I deal on this and survive on this business too.”

StraightNews enquired from him how he goes about the business.  “I use rope to climb a coconut tree. When I reach the peak of a coconut trunk where bunches of coconut fruits are stacked, I pull out my matchet and cut the stalk. After this, I climb down, pack them into a wheelbarrow and pull them along the streets for sale to people.”

Though David and Asuquo are selling coconut fruits as business, the fruits have innumerable health benefits for people.

A coconut tree

According to Brad Porter, a student at Muskogee High School, United States, coconut fruits aid in weight loss, responsible for young and healthy skin and have anti-aging properties.

Other benefits include lowering the blood pressure, perfecting natural hangover remedy, supporting cardiovascular health.  Others are providing healthy hydrating drink, prevention from Kidney stone, supporting digestive health, strengthening bones and muscles, promoting hair growth as well as boosting brain functioning.