Bellamy: Man Utd Tolerating Mourinho out of Desperation


Former Manchester City striker, Craig Bellamy has taken aim at Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United.

Bellamy hasn’t been impressed by Mourinho’s negative approach over the past week in games against Liverpool (0:0) and Benfica (0:1).

He told Sky Sports: “Manchester United is more than titles. As a football club, they have an identity that’s worth more than a title.

“As a club, they have a certain way of playing and as a club they’ve let that go for the time being.

“Going from winning [the league] on a regular basis, to now coming off it has got them in that much of a panic.

“Bobby Charlton said it through the years that Mourinho isn’t a Man United type of manager.

“At the moment, for their desperation to win trophies, to get back to the top, they will bring him in and they will let it go for now.

“But there will only be a period Manchester United supporters and Manchester United as a football club will allow this to happen for.

“Manchester United is a huge club, with a huge tradition, and you don’t want to be going too far away from that.”

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