Show Kindness To Your Customers

Gas cylinder
Gas cylinder

By: Akakan Umoh

It was the first time, I went to a gas filling station in Akwanga to fill my gas. My gas burner was shaky and rusty, so I had it in mind to change it once I was with enough cash. At the gas station, I was attended to nicely. The gas station attendant did something that really impressed me.

He removed my gas burner and replaced it with a fairly used one. I asked him how much it was for the new gas burner he had replaced for me, and he told me not to worry, that it was on them. I was really baffled at this kind gesture, that I even had to tip him for it, which he tried refusing it, but accepted after I kept on insisting that he collects it.

That made me go back another month after my gas had finished. This time, it was another guy, and he was also nice like that previous guy I had met before. He removed my gas burner and gave it to another guy to wash it for me. They even helped me cleansed the body of the cylinder that was a bit dusty. I was baffled again by this kind gesture.

I had to ask them. “Why are you people this nice?” And he said it was their way of service to the customers. I asked him whose idea it was, to rendering efficient services to customers, and he said that it was his boss’ idea. I smiled at this and thanked him for the kind gesture. He even helped me call a motorcyclist to carry me with the gas to my apartment.

Tell, me why I won’t go back there again? To business owners, your little services (it doesn’t have to be too big though) can make your customers feel welcomed and appreciated. Even your attitude toward them. If you’re rude to them, they don’t end up coming back.

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But if you’re very polite and nice to them, then they will come back and even bring more people to patronise you.

If you can even attach a gift, no matter how small it, it is something significant. Trust me and see how you’ll grow a strong clientele base.