Attah Renews Call For True Federalism, New Nigerian Constitution

Obong Victor Attah (m) addressing the press straightnews
Obong Victor Attah (m) addressing the press

In the aftermath of ENDSARS protest in the country, former Akwa Ibom Governor Victor Attah has joined in voicing solutions that would enhance the unity, love and togetherness of Nigerians.

Attah who was addressing a press conference at NUJ Press Centre, Information Drive, Uyo on Friday, said “Here and there voices were raised shouting for change, for True Federalism, Resource Control, Diversification and a New Constitution for Nigeria.”

Journalists at the press conference straightnews
Journalists at the press conference

The former Governor known as “Apostle of Resource Control” said “Chile, which had also inherited a military Constitution has just changed it through a referendum. Why not Nigeria?”

“Today, from every part of this country, the South-South, West, East, Middle Belt, North and indeed the far North, more voices have now risen and combined into a thunderous national crescendo calling for a rebirth.

“In every part of the country today, the urgent and compelling need for such a change has been acknowledged and endorsed. My plea, my passionate plea to the government is to please do something now before it is too late.”

According to him, “Let us not wait for people to come out on the streets to press their demand for change. God forbid, if that should happen, there would be no holding back. It would spell the beginning of an end of sound reasoning and the lessons of life. This is not a threat or blackmail but a prediction borne out of sound reasoning and the lessons of history.”

The NUJ boss, Amos Etuk lauded Attah for his clamour for resource control, an exercise that has yielded more allocations from the Federal Government to oil-producing states in the country.

Etuk welcomed the idea for radical changes in the structural administration of the country to stop the resurgence of the just-ended nightmarish ENDSARS protest that has claimed several lives and properties.

The NUJ Chairman expressed the belief that the protest has only been put on hold and may turn to a revolution someday if the yearnings and agitations of many are not hearkened to and met by the government in the interest of justice and equity for all.

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